Thursday, July 09, 2009

Ana C. Díaz en Venevisión

Ana C. Díaz en Venevisión
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Ana Cristina Díaz, co-fundadora y Presidenta de Noticias24, fue entrevistada hoy en Venevisión

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

La Erika colombiana

Camila Zarate
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Aunque Camila Zarate canta y actúa, además de animar en CytyYv y hacer radio por la Mega en Bogotá.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hugo Chavez anti crisis economic measures

According to Reuters news agency:

1. Chavez will soon announce a series of economic measures
2. He “promised” to offset lower oil revenues and the global crisis
3. He “promised” to “protect” social programs
4. He “promised” investment in infrastructure
5. He “promised” investment in housing.
6. He “promised” investment “to defend” the interests of the people
7. He “promised” his own top officials will “moderate” lavish lifestyles
8. He “promised” he will not devalue the currency (BsF)
9. He “complained” about subsidies on water, electricity and gasoline
10. He “suggested” prices increases on water, electricity and gasoline
11. He “promised” to tap into investment funds offered by China and Japan
12. He “promised” to stimulate the economy

According to street word of mouth:

13. Loans in China and Japan (16.000 Billion US$)
14. Tax on bank checks (IDB)
15. Value Added Tax (IVA)
16. Price increase of Petrol (% not known yet)
17. 25% increase on Electricity, Gas and Water services.
18. Public transport fares increases
19. 28% tax on new cars
20. Tax on private education
21. Tax on Olive oil and other delicatessens
22. Increased prices for hygiene products (soups, shampoo, etc.)
23. Very high taxes on fancy consumer goods
24. Airport tax increase
25. Tax on public leisure activities (movies, theater, concerts)
26. Tax on cable television
27. 28% increase on telephone services
28. 66% increase on Internet services
29. Changes in the preferential import list (122 items)
30. Monopolization of ports and airports
31. Monopolization of food imports and distribution
32. Confiscation of many private banks
33. Militarization of Guayana state industrial plants
34. Militarization of the Caracas Metro
35. Destitution of 3 regional governors (Tachira, Miranda and Carabobo)
36. Take over of independent TV station Globovisión
37. Accidental destruction of El Nacional and El Universal paper depots
38. Jail for many uneasy opposition city mayors and congressmen
39. Jail for “corruption” of some uneasy chavista local leaders
40. Attack to Colombian military posts in the Caura region
41. New foreign currency exchange regulations


Monday, January 05, 2009