Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Venezuela: Endless illegalities...

Communists do not know when to stop...

We say it first

Just past Friday, I wrote that "Google had a Facebook in its future..." I was thinking of a billionaire offer from Google, but the Internet gigantic company decided otherwise: to kill Facebook. The danger for FB is that the data base of the "OpenSocial" partners is much bigger...

Google’s Facebook killer: OpenSocial:
Google announced the release of OpenSocial — a set of common APIs for building social applications across the web — for developers of social applications and websites that want to add social features.

UPDATE: Today, Google and MySpace announced they are collaborating in a deal which could shake up the social networking industry. Yesterday we new many other net firms would trawl data to back up the new "OpenSocial" web service. Facebook must be concerned, to say the least...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

She is 23 and gets $ 500.000

This Korean young actress is the best paid now days. She gets more than 25.000 dollars for acting in one hour episodes of very popular Korean TV romantic comedies, which are shown in all Asia.

Name: Yun Eun-hye
Nicknames: "Pooh"
Profession: Model, Actress, Singer
Birth date: 1984-Oct-3
Birthplace: Seoul, SK
Height: 168cm
Weight: 50 kg
Parents & brother
Pop group: Baby VOX


2006 The Grime Awards: Best Actress (The Vineyard Man)
2006 KBS Acting Awards: Best Couple Award with Oh Man Suk

2006 MBC Drama Awards: New Actress Award (Goong)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Why Chavez officials are all fat?

Compare with the skinny Hugo Chavez of the military school.

Venezuela is an historic mistake

"Venezuela is a provisional country, a camp that has developed a series of symbolic and social institutions that do not represent any group, those who have always led the nation have assumed it as a feud, as a territory where they exercise their free of the will of warlords ..."


Ahumada Licea, Yoyi Ana “Venezuela: la obra inconclusa” de Jose Ignacio Cabrujas, Revista digital de las Artes Escénicas- No.4 (Enero, 2006).

A rainy Sunday from my window

Minister Lara or Comic Alí

Comic Alí is that infamous character who spoke on iraqui television and explained every night that American bombs were NOT falling in the gardens of the information ministry. Now we know they were.

Today we have a similar clownish guy doing a similar puppet job in Venezuela. His last line was that Venezuelan Catholic Cardinal Urosa opposes Chavez monarchic infinite presidency because the Cardinal WANTS TO BE PRESIDENT in the year 2012.

No need to comment on this marxist folk.
Marxist as Groucho, do not misunderstand me, please.

Chavez and the media

If Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez does not like a TV channel he does not switches to other but closes it and starts a new one of his likings. The graph above shows the closure of RCTV allow more government friendly Venevision to lead the rating tables. Since government own channels are rejected by the population, he settled to tolerate privately owned Venevision for a while. Later we will see. Watch carefully. The large peak in the right hand side of the graph signals the day RCTV was closed by the Chavez government (May 28th).
Globovision case is slightly different. It had great influence during the years 2002-2005, but after the presidential recall referendum -lost by the opposition to Chavez- Globovision lost much of its appeal to viewers and the Government profit from that fact by not allowing the channel to activate its open frequencies outside Caracas. As a result, the rest of the country can not watch the channel and others channels take care not to retransmit its news worthy images to their viewers.

Today, government can imposed its view on not less than 85-90% of the audiences.

The AM radio band is almost totally controlled. Noise (electronic interference) is being used in certain popular areas to prevent common people access any different opinion. The authorities are behaving like an occupation army. FM band radio stations (with exceptions) opted for only music shows, in order to avoid unnecessary complications.

Venezuela TV spectrum is totally controlled or threatened. Apart from Globovision, no other national TV station shows BAD news these days. RCTV had to turn into an international company to be able to transmit its opinion and news shows, which by the way are the most popular.

For the near future, a new regulation is being drafted to limit more people media choices. Probably the new regulation will allow restrictions on "capitalist foreign" stations on the basis of their "anti socialist" views or values. The legal sustain for such an arbitrary action will be the so called socialist aims of the "new" authoritarian Constitution.

We will see...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hugo Chavez contradicts even breathing

To lie is personal and intimate component of his character. For exaple keepo saying PDVSA produces 3,3 MM barrel a day, but all evidence indicates (OPEC, IEA) that is is lower than 2,5 MM barrels a day. With present price levels this is an small lie which does no transcend the statistical tables.

But when we are talking about changing a country constitution, things can get out of hand. In a recent documento to justify the constitutional reform, the Great Leader said he wanted to "leave behind representative democracy to consolidate participatory democracy and contemplates insurgency of popular power as historical fact necessary in the construction of socialist society for the XXI Century..."

But later, in the text of the reform (supposedly written by himself) the guy turns the participation bodies (popular, local community) into the cells of a Stalinist party, centralized, undemocratic, armed but DEAD and subject to "the boss will", who personally do the registration, approval and funding of those "popular" groups.

On the INFINITE presidency I will not reproduce his arguments here because they were developed for the mentally weak and I respect the visitors to this blog. This definitely is not a permanent revolution, but a permanent mockery...

Fausto said it, but Hugo wouldn’t listen

"So far, Chavez has maintained a democratic fiction, but its attempt to impose the indefinite re-election and controlling regional powers puts him at the edge, because democracy implies respect for the rights of others, both the minority and the majority.

Trying to remain in power puts him away from democracy. He has an exit door, one, to forget the constitutional reform. But this is not possible for him, therefore the country move astray... when the spark ignites the prairie there is no way to turn it off. Now begins a new era with no happy ending for Chavez..."

The media hole

Big hole that in supermarket shelves where before there was plenty of powder milk...

The joke of the week

"Amendments to the Constitution are totally democratic ..."
J. M. Insulza.

Dollar up or bolivar down?

A Venezuelan newspaper specializing in economics (Reporte) said on Sept. 21, 2007 that "monetary offer in Venezuela could exceed Bs. 165 billion in 2007 " meaning that 1 US $ would be valued at between 5,000 and 6,000 Bolivar by the end of the year.


But Mr. Great Spender, who is the facto president of the central bank of Venezuela BCV, did not listen to the journalist nor understood the economists and this valuable information fell on deaf ears or hollow heads.

Worst, Mr. Big Spender continued his march toward the Weak Bolivar and today (Oct. 27, 2007) the Bolivar "swaps" at 6.000 Bolivar per dollar and the local monetary offer raised to unknown levels.

The anounced tragedy touched the door two months earlier than predicted by the economic press and the typical housewife will find this Saturday that whatever her consumption pattern, her money will buy nothingin the supermarket... and after the referendum her domestic economic situation will worsen every day!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

In my office it is already HALLOWEEN

Bad for you. Good for Hugo Chavez

Venezuela: Democracy vs. Dictatorship

These days, I have been especially busy and has not been able to translate every post for my English speaking readers (any one out there?). Therefore, here I will brief you all on the last three day of posts. Easy job because most have been concerned with the Constitutional “Deform” and the loss of Liberty Venezuelans will “enjoy” in the immediate future.

The first post
is a contrast between the Communist Party of China web page which shows soup operas or “telenovelas” and the outdated socialist propaganda of Venezuelan official web pages. A real surprise, considering the silly propaganda (from the 60s) the outdated Venezuelan Neo-Stalinist claque maintains against national soup operas and imperialist comics.

The second post
is on a Mexican press comment on the content of Hugo Chavez reforms to the 1999 Constitution. The newspaper objectively narrates the main curtailments to democratic rules contained in the new text, which -by the way- the Great-Leader wants to present abroad as simple amendment to an outdated text. Shame on him for destroying Democracy and shame on us for allowing him to do it…

The next post showed news from today dailies:
a) An opinion poll which shows public opinion is against the reform in a proportion of 3:2, but every one knows or feels the reform will be “approved” by a vote of 60% to 40%. Every one suspects no way a Fascist-Leninist regime will loose such important election, no matter how many votes the Great-Leader proposal actually gets in the referendum.
b)Two light bulbs complain in a caricature that for our new-socialist regime it is more dangerous to be an intelligent person than to be a filthy rich capitalist.

Finally, the last post deals with today real contradiction in Venezuelan society: Democracy vs. Dictatorship, and the surprising change of opinion of some earlier democracy fighters who now in Congress defend a neo totalitarian regime in the making.
Luckily, the columnist of "Miguel’s Truths" (see blog in spanish) will vote NO on the constitutional referendum, because he believes in freedom of expression today as in the past and he is not going to change his opinion (like the national assembly salaried soldiers of the revolution) who are justifying the unjustifiable.

That is all for this week, folks.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fascism 2007

I ask: What is the difference between the Spaniar guy kicking the face of an Ecuadorian inmigrant girl in a night train and the fanatic fascist woman in Caracas calling "excrement" the descendents of "our" inmigrants. Venezuela always was a country open to everyone. Now Hugo Chavez hate policies have opened one previously unknown racist and chovinist vein in some venezuelan poor.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

On how Hugo Chavez wants to deceive Venezuelans

What we are seeing these days in Venezuela is a masquerade of participation and a mockery of the ordinary citizen who should be able to analyze every aspect of the proposal, discuss the pros and cons of each article with people from different political and social backgrounds and at the end take –under no physical or economic pressures- a free decision on each article or group of articles proposed.

My conclusion is that the vote en block imposed by Hugo Chavez, the infinite presidency, the proposed state of emergency without time limit or control form any legislative or judicial authority, the demise of popular sovereignty in many paragraphs of the constitutional proposal, the elimination of political and administrative decentralization, the designation of pseudo governors and pseudo mayors by Hugo Chavez finger, the politicization of the Armed Forces, the attempt to dismiss democratic elections as a source of all power and several other items throughout make UNACCEPTABLE this proposal from Hugo Chavez.

One only hopes that the people will understand well and act accordingly, whatever the scenario in which Hugo Chavez decides to solve this matter of life or death for the freedom and dignity of all Venezuelans.

That's all, folks.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

New King of the Jungle

How many more?

And the State in the hands of inept, corrupt people unable to control the killing of innocent people...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cruel methods do not change

Venezuela or how to destroy a Democracy

The never-ending presidency

The president unveils his plan for staying in power UP TO THE NEXT CENTURY

Better than Putin, longer than Trujillo, more criminal than Gómez. It is not a bullet, it is not a plane. It is... SUPERHUGO...

Criminal Grand Mother

In her 60s detained with 100s of small bags of cocaine. Una "caballa vieja" como los de Simón Diaz...

Madness in Venezuelan politics

Madness is not easy to translate, sorry for non Spanish speakers. Both paragraph (under) were extraed from the OFFICIAL report by the Constitutional Reform Commision. Briefly, does it means that Chavez can found republics ? and there is a public power or authority which is born NOT from vote but spontaneous from some one... nuts?)

I can not understand, much less translate this...

1. "Para estos fines, la República podrá atribuir a organizaciones supranacionales, mediante tratados, el ejercicio de las competencias necesarias para llevar a cabo estos procesos de integración a través de la fundación de Empresas Grannacionales o Fundación de Repúblicas que consoliden los proyectos estructurantes de la región..."

"El pueblo es el depositario de la soberanía y la ejerce directamente a través
del Poder Popular. Éste no nace del sufragio ni de elección alguna, sino de la condición de los grupos humanos organizados como base de la población."

The Cuban version

Raúl Castro bids farewell to Venezuelan President

(No one word on CONFEDERATION with Venezuela)

HAVANA, October 17 (PL).— Cuban Vice President Raúl Castro bade farewell yesterday to Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, who completed a three-day working visit to expand bilateral cooperation.Raúl Castro bids farewell to Venezuelan PresidentThe leaders said goodbye at the José Martí International Airport in the capital along with other high-level state and Communist Party officials, as seen on Cuban evening television newscasts.

The Venezuelan president broadcast his 298th regular Sunday program "Aló, Presidente" from the Cuban city of Santa Clara, dedicated to the observation of the 40th anniversary of Ernesto Che Guevara’s death. Chávez and Raúl Castro also presided over the ratification of 14 new commercial and economic joint cooperation projects in the areas of energy, agriculture, telecommunications, construction and others.

Of special interest internationally was the live telephone conversation between Chávez and Fidel Castro during the "Aló, Presidente" program and a video of their meeting during which they addressed current world affairs and bilateral exchange.

Translated by Granma International

Venezuela: More Chávez?

THE GUARDIAN publishes: "Under the existing constitution the soldier-turned-president, elected in 1998, is obliged to step down when his current term ends in 2012 but... Opinion polls suggest the new charter, which the Chavista-dominated congress is due to vote through this month, will be endorsed in the referendum as the president is popular among the poor majority...

Poor country!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

¿Racist Nobel Winner?

Nobel Winner mistake: This table would indicate that the effect of IQ in life of brothers is more important than race differences...

Relation between IQ and life outcomes in the U.S. among sibling pairs in a "Utopian" sample
IQ <75 75–90 90–110 110–125 >125
Mean years of education 11.4 (10.9) 12.3 (11.9) 13.4 (13.2) 15.2 (15.0) 16.5 (16.5)
Percentage obtaining B.A. 1 (1) 4 (3) 19 (16) 57 (50) 80 (77)
Mean weeks worked 35.8 (30.7) 39.0 (36.5) 43.0 (41.8) 45.1 (45.2) 45.6 (45.4)
Mean earned income 11,000 (7,500) 16,000 (13,000) 23,000 (21,000) 27,000 (27,000) 38,000 (36,000)
Percentage with a spouse who has earned income 30 (27) 38 (39) 53 (54) 61 (59) 58 (58)
Mean earned family income 17,000 (12,000) 25,000 (23,400) 37,750 (37,000) 47,200 (45,000) 53,700 (53,000)
Percentage children born out of wedlock 49 (50) 33 (32) 14 (14) 6 (6) 3 (5)
Fertility to date 2.1 (2.3) 1.7 (1.9) 1.4 (1.6) 1.3 (1.4) 1.0 (1.0)
Mother's mean age at birth 24.4 (22.8) 24.5 (23.7) 26.0 (25.2) 27.4 (27.1) 29.0 (28.5)
Values are "Utopian sample" ("Full sample"). Earning values are the 1993 US Dollars.[30]

Nam Sang Mi

New Actress 2006
(MBC Drama Awards)
  • Name: 남상미 / Nam Sang Mi
  • Profession: Actress and model
  • Education: Dongdeok Women's University
  • Birthdate: 1984-May-03
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 163cm
  • Weight: 46kg
  • Star sign: Taurus
  • Blood type: A
  • Family: Parents and an older brother

1, 2, 3 and Out

1. Hugo Chávez proposes Cuba-Venezuela confederation

2. Venezuela “probably has crossed the red line"
Stephen Johnson, Pentágon subsecretary for LatinAmérica.

3. Human Rights Watch criticizes Constitution Reform
José Miguel Vivanco.

OUT: : Virgen Santísima, que en nuestra historia has manifestado muchas veces tu benevolencia y cariño por este pueblo, te pedimos que no nos abandones en este momento. (Late Cardinal Castillo Lara)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

From head to toes

Nam Sang-mi: An excelent university trainned actress, set in some of the most beautifull cityscapes of Bangkok and Seoul.

"Time between dog and wolf": A soap with median TV ratings but excelent story and a cast with master acting skills.

The counter reformation of the constitutional reform

With cruelty, treachery and premeditation, a small group of fanatical crazies has been ejecuting the sad task of snatching the legal rights of the Venezuelan population. On top of the 33 "reverse reforms" of the "great leader", this small "legislative" gang introduced more than a dozen articles that outburst or severely limit rights recognized in the previous versions of the great law.

Changes which are illegal not only in the form (with no prior discussions, no public consultation and no registered in the original reform draft) but illegal because they withdraw rights citizens have traditionally enjoyed. And that can not be done in the modern world.

As established by CONSTITUTIONAL THEORY AND PRACTICE, rights can not be withdrawn once granted by the constitution and citizens can not be requested to vote against their own rights. That's totally illegal.

I have no doubt, this gang will end in jail, soner or later, and you can write that...

Lets create the US of the Middle East

The table, better explained in the Spanish clon of this blog, shows that it is economically advantageous to form a United Federeal Middle East from Egipt to Pakistan.

Economic cooperation would be a "win for all" solution and political power would acrue to an autonomous democratic federal union. It would result in a balaced group of countries, where 5 majors would have to share power with many small but richer. Small and backward countires could get significant amounts of cooperation, trade and aid from the rest. External powers and even Israel, would win with a more stable region.

In brief, it would be an economic and political entity with:
  • Population: 516.000.000 Inhabs - 3rd, smaller only than China and India.
  • GDP: 5.258 Billions of US$ 3rd after the USA and Europe
  • Area: 7,3 MM K2 – 7th between Australia and India
  • Income per capita: 7.000 US$
  • Growth Potential: Very high
Self image and pride of common people, specially the youg, could be lifted by belonging to a large federation of more than 300 million inhabitants and may be, may be, revenge would take a less prominent place in middle eastern social psicology.

Who knows? May be many hot issues are solved at the same time...

World Hot Spots

In October 2001, Harvard political scientist Samuel Huntington had a thoughtful conversation with Michael Steinberger of the New York Times. The paper titled the dialogue as “So, are civilizations at war?”

One of the questions was about Islam bloody borders. Huntington answer was: “If you look around the borders of the Muslim world, you find a whole series of local conflicts involving Muslims and non-Muslims: Bosnia, Kosovo, the Caucasus, Chechnya, Tajikistan, Kashmir, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, North Africa, and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Muslims also fight Muslims, and much more than the people of other civilizations fight each other...”

I am not expert, far from that, but if one looks at the map, it is easy to understand that most of present hot spots mentioned by Huntington lie within the boundaries of the ancient Ottoman Empire. The obvious conclusion is that present day conflicts have a lot to do with an erroneous division of the spoils of WWI between the then dominant powers.

The necessary corollary is to question if a new and “better” redrawing of the map in that area will help to solve problems there and other related areas of the world. There are already many proposals in the air. Four versions are he most publicized

1. Bin Laden proposes a New Caliphate from the Middle East to Andalucía.

2. Bush proposes a great middle east, with a democratic federal IRAQ as the centre.

3. The Mullahs foresee a fundamentalist great middle east with IRAN as the centre.

4. Peter proposes a region redefined on the basis of national and religious lines.

As always, the best solution could be somewhere in the middle of all that: A large federal voluntary union of independent democratic states with guarantee local autonomies.

Is it proposal number 5?
It could be!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Japanese journalist killed in Myanmar

Before & After

Myanmar & Venezuela: Location, location, location

Myanmar and Venezuela share a problem of location + abundance of natural resources + military gorillas in power. A very dangerous recipe, indeed. Besides that, we "enjoy" the Castro Brothers free advice. Therefore I conclude, this country has a great probability of ending under a despot boot for 45 or more years. I wonder what Mr. Shannon thinks of that.

Venezuela bleeds

There has been more than 8.000 homicides in Venezuela, between january and august of 2007. The figures could reach 13.000 by the end of the year 2007.

In just one municipality (Petare) there has been 300 youths dead, more than one every day. The final figure of 2007 could be around 500; because Christmas and New Year periods show a consistent increase in the number of crimes.

Meanwhile, the military dominated Government is busy erasing from the Constitution the Human Rights of the decent civilian population and protecting the "human rights" of the delinquent population, which a "NAIVE" Ineterior Minister described as the the victims of capitalism.

I BELIEVE, the real victims will have to wait until this Government leaves the stage to get some kind of Justice or compensation from the State...

Fantasyland & Adventureland

Torrorism gets support from high levels

Jakarta police chief defends terror party
Indonesia’s anti-terror chief had hosted a party for breaking the Ramadan fast that was attended by some 20 convicted. The guests included two men imprisoned for involvement in the 2002 Bali bombing in which 88 of the 202 fatalities were Australian. John Howard, Australian prime minister, told local radio that the idea of the bombers being treated as equals by Brig Gen Dharma because of their shared Muslim faith was absurd.

Lenin telegran to party officials in Penza


Send to Penza
To Comrades Kuraev,
Bosh, Minkin and
other Penza

Comrades! The revolt by the five kulak volost's must be suppressed
without mercy. The interest of the entire revolution demands this,
because we have now before us our final decisive battle "with the
kulaks." We need to set an example.

1) You need to hang (hang without fail, so that the public
sees) at least 100 notorious kulaks, the rich, and the
2) Publish their names.
3) Take away all of their grain.
4) Execute the hostages - in accordance with yesterday's

This needs to be accomplished in such a way, that people for
hundreds of miles around will see, tremble, know and scream out:
let's choke and strangle those blood-sucking kulaks.

Telegraph us acknowledging receipt and execution of this.

Yours, Lenin

P.S. Use your toughest people for this.

Friday, October 12, 2007

New Wed of 82 interned with arrythmia

Adelfa Volpe remained interned this afternoon due to arrhythmia and chest pain. Physicians reported that the scenario is not serious, according to "Clarin" of Buenos Aires.

Venezuelan Government decrees the Dictatorship

While the OAS discusses Human Rights, in Venezuela the fascist-Leninist civic-military alliance which dominates the National Assembly erased many basic human rights from the 1999 Constitution.

Now Article 337 will allow the President in Council of Ministers to order the States of Emergency..." and suspend the right to a due process, the right to information and other intangible human rights...

In fact, today the Venezuelan congress is legalizing the disappearance of people, nothing less...

Singer Soledad Bravo called this a "madrugonazo” on holiday and added that "Chavez has destroyed so many things, that the civilian population looks unable to defend itself... unarmed ... they are putting a boot on us..."

Accident victims were narcos

Venezuela between those who violate press freedom

Venezuela won a "great" trophy: Annotated along with Cuba as the countries which violate most press freedom in America...

Turkey set to update

Turkey has defied the wishes of the United States by giving its military a green light to cross the border into Iraq, following a number of ambushes apparently waged by a Kurdish rebel group with bases in northern Iraq. And on Wednesday, Turkish warplanes and helicopter gun ships attacked suspected rebel positions close to the Iraq border...”

Turkey has to do what Portugal already did in the 70s: Free the colonies. They just damage peace and image and do not add anything to the economy. Kurds need their home, the Soviet Union is not any more, and a prosperous neighboring independent Kurdistan is better than an internal enemy fighting for freedom.

The Ottoman Empire will not comeback. Instead Democracy has to flourish from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from Norway to Australia.

That is all, folks...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cherry Blossoms

Venezuela: Hyperinflation at the door

Excess liquidity and irresponsible government expenditures are killing the currency...

Venezuela: Fascist Constitutional Magic

The Venezuelan government is using many tricks to get a NEW Constitution approved with no discussion and no information. Nowadays, total illegality reigns in the country...

Venezuela: 21st Century Socialism

Scarcity is starting to affect every day needs of common people...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tropical Gulliver

In an obsolete personality cult, the Venezuelan government uses childish images of a giant inmersed in a sea of dwarfs...

If poor government continues, I would rather suggest them to use this dutch image from the TINMAN story...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Venezuela: Hiperinflation around the corner

The low standing of Chavez in public opinion polls has made him to decree large salary increases to public employees and disproportionate labor manhour reductions.

A country with the largest inflation rate in the continent and a with very low labour productivity (look at ranks, in internet there are many published), the desperate president is giving away the value of the currency by issuing weak money to potential voters.

Hugo Chavez is behaving like a "near monarch" who does not know one bit of economics and inflicting the country great economic damage, just to secure his eternal presidency.

Is there at least one capable economist near the guy who can tell him that populist tactics have not worked anywhere in the past?

Poor country...

Sunday, October 07, 2007