Monday, September 01, 2008

You will enjoy this

Scientific: Money buys you happiness

There are studies for every thing.

Two recent ones indicate that the country with more intelligent people is Singapore (108 points).

The country with more gross people is not Ireland or Poland (as the joke has it) but Equatorial Guinea (59 points).

Venezuela appears with 84 points, exactly half the scale, meaning we are half gross.

Another study says Happiness is not distributed evenly.

The happiest people live in Denmark (273 points) and the most wretched live in Burundi (100 points).

In that ranking Venezuelans appear with 247 points and Singaporeans with 230.

The obvious conclusion is that the Orientals are unhappy smart guys while Venezuelans are happy but idiots.

If despite all your intelligence you find it confusing, just read the third study.

It links income with intelligence and presents the graph with which everything is finally clarified.

The obvious scientific conclusion is 'Venezuelan are a bunch of happy poor asses...'


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