Monday, December 01, 2008

Chavez: With the sun in his back

Venezuela Analítica brings today this interesting article

"In the elections last Sunday, Hugo Chavez suffered a major setback. Governorships obtained by the Opposition have great political importance: Miranda, Zulia, Carabobo and Tachira are the most populated regions. New Sparta (Isla Margarita) is the largest tourist pole in the country. All five states remain in opposition hands, which also achieved an impressive victory in the capital city of Caracas with the arrival of Antonio Ledezma as the Mayor of Greater Caracas.

Hugo Chavez number exercises to hide this frank advance of the Opposition are useless.

All we perceived the atmosphere of defeat the ruling
heads of the government party PSUV showed the night of Novembre the 23rd, today less united than ever.

(Later) in the luxurious rooms of the Hilton hotel, Chavez wanted to change reality with
twisted phrases and numbers.

statements by the defeated candidates, Jesse Chacon and Aristobulo Isturiz, agree on the real issue: The people voted against Chavez... "

(MY CONCLUSION: Bye, bye eternal presidency and infinite reelection)


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