Thursday, February 28, 2008

Conflicting opinion polls...

... not in Ohio, but in Venezuela!!!

Schemel -Hinterlaces- said yesterday that "El Comandante" has only 37%.

Today Radio Nacional (governmente) said "El Comandante" has 67%.

Some is lying, and lying big...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chavez bosses meet with Hugo´s enemies

Raul with the Vatican representative; while in Korea, his other boss, Kim Sun Il listens to one imperialist phylarmonic orchestra.

Excelent picture from Flickr

Family of young Venezuelan boy killed in Spain

TIME and LIFE of Rómulo Betancourt

"Outside the Economy.
It will take all these new-found characteristics to solve the problems that face Venezuela. Oil production—2,770,000 bbl. a day, second only to the U.S.—brings the government $2,400,000 a day in revenue, gives Venezuela the highest per-capita income—$800 a year—in Latin America.

But oil brings poverty along with riches. Attracted by the smell of wealth and the hope of jobs, rural workers flock to oilfields and cities, only to sit idle in shantytowns. By leaving fields unworked behind them, they increase the need to import food. Last year the country spent $152 million to import staples such as wheat, corn, rice and meat. Imported eggs alone cost $30,000 a day.

The oil-economy prices are among the world's highest. It costs around $16,000 a year for a family to live a middle-class life in Caracas. And the wealth is sadly out of balance: 2,000,000 Venezuelans in a total population of 6,320,000 are outside the money economy entirely. Other problems that Betancourt faces:

¶ Large landowners, 1.9% of the farming population, hold 74% of the farming land; some 350,000 peasant families have neither land nor work.

¶ About 25% of Caracas' housing, 50% of housing in other cities and 99% of rural housing must be replaced.

¶ More than half the population is illiterate.

Total population is jumping at a fast 3% a year, and the work force is growing by 60,000 a year; urban unemployment is rising.

¶ There is only one hospital bed for every 500 inhabitants.

Betancourt's first year was a time of planning, but he took a few bites out of the urgent land-reform problem just the same. Congress is still debating his agrarian reform law, but the government seized the idle, overgrown estates of the cronies of Dictator Pérez Jiménez, added some state-owned land that was not busy. By year's end, 11,000 families were at work on 315,000 acres. Welfare goals beyond land reform in the next four years: $223 million in new schools for 300,000 additional children, $99 million on hospitals."

Monday, February 25, 2008

Primary colors


Democratic Presidential Nomination

Barack Obama: 80.4%

Hillary Clinton: 19.6%

Rasmussen Reports™

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saudi Arabia: Men arrested after flirting

Saudi Arabia investigates men arrested after allegedly flirting with women in public' Saudi Arabian police began interrogating 57 men who were arrested after allegedly flirting with women in front of a shopping mall in Mecca, a local newspaper reported.

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice runs the religious police, who are charged with enforcing Saudi Arabia's strict Islamic lifestyle. The virtue police — informally known as the muttawa, literally 'enforcer' — don't wear uniforms. But they are recognizable by their long beards and their robes, shorter than the ones normally worn by Saudi men.

The newspaper report said the men could be released if they could prove they did not flirt with any women. Otherwise, they will be transferred to court and stand trial, the paper added. (The Associated Press, Feb. 23, 2008)

Friday, February 22, 2008

TVE: Relatives of the victims

And a photo of the site of the crash.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

China lends Venezuela 4.000 MM $

"China presta a Venezuela 4.000 mln dlrs pagadero en crudo, completando una línea de crédito anunciada el año pasado que el país sudamericano podrá pagar con cargamentos de petróleo y derivados. La estatal Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) ha expandido la práctica de devolver en especies los créditos, mediante envíos de crudo y productos, al tiempo que ha incrementado las exportaciones a China para reducir su tradicional dependencia del mercado estadounidense..."

Venezuelan eclipse

Star Wars is here to stay


Reading an article by Carlos A. Montaner, entitled "Speaking at the funeral of Commander," I found it is very interesting for us Venezuelans. I refer to the section on the opening and transitions before lived in countries with authoritarian governments with rightist (Chile, Spain) or communist (Eastern Europe).

When you see how events took place in each country, with their similarities and differences, one falls into account that we do not need an opening (but to avoid the lock), and that since December 2, 2007, in fact, what may be our transition to A better Democracy has began.

That is, a real and effective Democracy, away from the exclusionistas schemes of the past, but also away from the authoritarian or totalitarian proposal of the Colonel. To get there, I think we have five years, but to do so it will require a lot of intelligence, wisdom, cool head, patriotism, and above all common sense.

The solution to our problems can not be "burning the oil wells" or fighting with our best customers. That makes no sense, nor has it to isolate "quarantined" all trained people, simply because thy do not have a collectivist mentality, or do not want to depend on the State for their food.

The interesting thing about the "Conversation…" by Montaner is that it dismantles some of the tricks of authoritarian governments and opens the possibility of progressive, peaceful, democratic change and proposes solutions to the central problems to the justified fear of "losing the gains" already obtained by the weaker population.

In the case of Cuba, the latter is concerned, for example, with the ownership of the houses confiscated to exiled families and in Venezuela could concern the family medical services program, the decentralization of schools and hospitals, credit for micro enterprises, facilities to act that now have cooperatives and other productive popular partnerships and especially, the continuity of the legal activities of the communal councils and neighbourhood associations.

Already once, the elites ignored -after the Caracazo- the advice of the elders; let us hope that this time the "revolutionary" elite does not make the mistake of withdrawing into their "truth" and ignore that today reality that requires discussion, negotiation, reconciliation and consensual changes for making possible progress for all.

As things stand in Venezuela and the Colonel wants they to continue, we will come to a blind street. But there is a way out, and Eastern Europe, Chile and Spain have transited it. On this and other points the letter of Montaner is very clear.

Rather than an opinion piece, it seems a "route chart"; although I have not finished reading it, I think already that this paper by Montaner would be much benefit Venezuelans of all persuasions, who are worried by the current situation in the country.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Who woud have told...

Notwithstanding the fact that a barrel of oil dawned today at $ 100, I see Colonel Narciso screaming and threatening to companies because in Venezuela there is a food shortage.

Notwithstanding the fact that the opposition is headed by many silly guys, I see Colonel Narciso screaming and threatening his supporters because he knows that at the end of the year he will lose 10 state and 100 local governments.

Notwithstanding the fact that a barrel of oil dawned today to $ 100, I see Colonel Narciso screaming and threatening the whole world who knows he is almost fallen.

In the years 2000, 2001, 2002 I watched cafeteria geniuses stating on TV that "only when the oil price fall" would be Colonel loose power.

I never believed them.

I always thought that the Colonel communist model is so cruel and inefficient that sooner or later the people would open their eyes. Because it does not matter the amount of money, but what you do with it.

Today it is obvious that the coffee analysts were wrong .

Fidel Castro politically dead, other international relations weakened, a shattered PDVSA, a destroyed industrial sector, no domestic food production and a heavily devalued the currency.

With reason, and despite all its war planes and its $ 100 per barrel, Colonel Narciso IS FALLING and he knows it...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thank you, Fidel

Satan welcomes the Devil...

And my preferred photo of the Castro brothers...

Technically fallen

According to Fausto Masó in RCTV:

1. Colonel Narciso is speaking in a vacuum.
2. He is technically fallen.
3. Tascón is paying his penance
4. Two or three are going to pay for everyone.
5. The rest of the chavistas should not worry.
6. They are not going to suffer anything.

Coca eater is out

A = B = C

Drogadicto: A person who consumes drugs daily.

Drugs: Substances such as cocaine and coca paste.

Cocainómano: A person who consumes cocaine or coca paste daily.

Flag: Drogadicto publicly boasting of his drug addiction.

When the "flag" is a public official shall be applied Article 227 of the most recent reform of the Penal Code adopted by Venezuelan President Chavez. Textualmente that article reads:

Article 227. The provisions set forth in the preceding articles, they will not apply if the "FLAG" public official has in fact, arbitrarily exceeded the limits of his powers.

So any statement, ministerial or presidential decree can not release the official flag that publicly and blatantly declare daily consumer any drug produced domestically or foreign.

Coca eater, I am sorry for you...

Endless shame

Fidel Castro stepped down as the president of Cuba after a long illness, ending one of the longest tenures as one of the most all-powerful communist heads of state in the world, according to Granma, the official publication of the Cuban Communist Party.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Bolivarian poverty: A new kind of poverty

According to El Nacional:

Poverty in Caracas is 26,5%, while in the provinces it is 32,7%. (Cisor)

Structural Poverty in Caracas is 20%, while in provinces like Apure, Barinas, Portuguesa and Delta Amacuro it is above 505. (Official figures of INE)

Chronic Rural Poverty reaches 81% of poors.

It is poor people living in a dead end, something never seen in Venezuela where social mobility was the rule...

Hugo Chavez and the two Garcia Marquez

(From le Monde and Google translated)

That the diplomatic crisis between Venezuela and Colombia drags on the bottom of thundering declarations of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Colombian Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the writer of the Spanish language's most famous in the world, is uniquely off the reservation in the hope to temper people's minds. Sunday, February 3, he has published in newspapers in both countries a "declaration Colombian-Venezuelan", signed by sixty intellectuals of the left, centre and right.

It's January 24 in Barcelona, at a lunch with his fellow Colombian writer Plinio Apuleyo Mendoza, Gabriel Garcia Marquez that had the idea of this statement. It is, without naming it, Hugo Chavez. "The escalation of verbal Venezuelan president, his willingness to make Colombia and Venezuela against one another, its rapprochement with the FARC and, more generally, his megalomania we worried about his mental health," which has Mendoza drafted the "declaration" as indicated by the author of One Hundred Years of Solitude. "Gabo wanted a short, or not aggressive rhetoric, denouncing the fact that we can use the image of Simon Bolivar to oppose our Both countries, "he says. Garcia Marquez and Mendoza both know perfectly Venezuela, where they worked as reporters at the time of the fall of dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez and the advent of democracy, January 23, 1959.

The first meeting of Garcia Marquez began with Hugo Chavez, in a decade. She had taken place in Cuba, with their mutual friend Fidel Castro. Then the president of Venezuela and Colombian writer were all returned to Caracas. On the plane back, the two men had discussed casual. Then, Garcia Marquez had devoted an article to visionary Hugo Chavez entitled "The enigma of the two Chavez." He concluded with these words: "One (Editor's Note: two Chavez) has a chance obstinate who offered him the opportunity to save his country. The other is an illusionist who could well remain in history as a new despot . "

Chavez had little appreciated. But later, during a trip to Cartagena (Colombia), cited in the Caribbean where Gabriel Garcia Marquez lives, the Venezuelan president had, unannounced, knocked on the door of the writer, in the hope to get closer to him. "With the declaration Colombian-Venezuelan, divorce is consumed this time", pointing Plinio Apuleyo Mendoza, for whom things were clear: "It is, as" Gabo "be a friend of Fidel but not of Chavez."

Is the end near?

Is it that for being to close to the tree we are not seeing the forest?

Why people (here and abroad) write things like this blogger did today in ND:

"But this nightmare is dated and its end is soon... last chapter ..."

But it is not just an isolated blogger. Rafael Poleo, in "Z" , Miguel in the "Miguel´s truths ..." and today I read an article by a Colombian journalist who was beginning to worry about what can happen to them in case the Colonel and his economy fall on Colombians...

He wondered in the last El Tiempo of Bogota:

"What happens, then, if Chavez collapses? Many in Colombia can alegrarles that perspective, but the cost for this side of the border would not be minor. Should the Venezuelan economy collapses, a large percentage of the approximately 5 thousand millions of dollars in 2007, Colombia exported to that market and represent more than 17 percent of the sales of our country abroad, would be committed, with its trail of bankruptcies and unemployment in a number of regions in Colombia ... "

Maybe -they just exaggerating- simply expressing their wishes; but if it is not?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

KOSOVO: Europe's newest country

The proclamation of what hopes to be Europe's newest country - a decade after a civil war that killed an estimated 10,000 people and years of limbo under United Nations rule - marks the final dismemberment of the former Yugoslavia 17 years after its dissolution began.

The Colonel is ready for CIA BBQ

"En su columna “A sangre fría” que publica este domingo “El Nuevo País”, Rafael Poleo afirma que “a las acusaciones contra su hermano José David, Diosdado responde apuntando hacia Barinas. Es que Tascón viene mandado, sea por el Imperio o sea por el que te conté...”

Mi opinión: Si la CIA se ocupa de Diosdado es por que considera que ya tiene al Coronel Narciso lista para la parrilla...

El Comandante calls for UNITY

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Profesor golpista fascista

Me imagino que esa será la la etiqueta que -de ahora en adelante- le pondrán en la frente al antiguamente estimado asesor de la revolución Heinz Dieterich. En un esfuerzo de honestidad intelectual él ha escrito varias columnas-cartas dirigidas al Coronel Narciso desde noviembre 2007.

El último artículo del asesor trae una perlita sobra la inflación, que todos los amigos chavistas deberían hacer un esfuerzo para entender. Lamentablemente, el Coronel Narciso le encanta un eslogan y de economía no entiende nada. El pobre no está en capacidad de entender lo que este señor trata de explicarle.

Inflación y desabastecimiento a la luz de la ciencia económica: "... toda economía moderna está compuesta por un circuito monetario (dinero) y un circuito de bienes y servicios. Cada circuito está determinado por dos factores (variables): el monetario por la masa monetaria M (total del dinero circulante) y la velocidad de rotación (circulación) del dinero V; el de bienes y servicios por el conjunto de bienes/servicios Q y sus precios P. La ecuación M x V = Q x P expresa que tanto la inflación como su contrario, la deflación, resultan de un desequilibrio entre ambos circuitos. Cualquier aumento desproporcional del lado izquierdo de la ecuación genera un efecto inflacionario (aumento de precios); cualquier aumento desproporcional del lado derecho genera un efecto deflacionario (reducción de precios). Las causas de la inflación pueden ser esencialmente cuatro: 1) el aumento de los precios de importación (la inflación importada); 2) un boicot económico; 3) una catástrofe natural; 4) un aumento desproporcionado de liquidez (dinero). Los primeros dos factores son el argumento fundamental del discurso oficial; el tercero no aplica a Venezuela y el cuarto es la razón fundamental de la inflación nacional..."

El asesor luego explica (según su libre opinión) cuales de esos cuatro factores aplican a Venezuela.

Yo pienso que -a partir de ese punto- cada quien debe usar su intelecto para interpretar nuestra situación. Por ejemplo, él profesor dice que el punto 3 no aplica a Venezuela que se refiere a una catástrofe NATURAL; pero yo considero una CATÁSTROFE el cierre de 5.000 empresas productivas antes de 1999. No es "natural" en su causa, pero para mi califica como catástrofe.

Sobre la inflación "importada" yo tengo mis dudas. En el caso de la leche, me di a la tarea de buscar en internet las estadísticas de producción Mundial, de Venezuela y las importaciones de la China. Resulta que durante el gobierno del Coronel Narciso la producción venezolana de leche ha estado siempre un 15-20% por debajo de los niveles anteriores y la población venezolana ha aumentado en este mismo período en un 15-20%. ¿Imprevisión o boicot? Para mi la causa está en la "catástrofe agrícola" causada por las invasiones y los secuestros, ambos controlables por el estado venezolano.

El aumento en el consumo Chino según sus estadísticas es suplido por la producción nacional China. No por las importaciones de leche. Eso está en los números, que de paso dicen que la producción mundial de leche ha estado aumentando al mismo nivel que la población mundial. Puede ser que haya habido IMPREVISIÓN en Venezuela, por que ningún país alrededor de nosotros tiene escasez y eso que algunos -como las islas del caribe- importan casi toda la leche que consumen.

Veamos ahora el factor más dramático: Las estadísticas de la circulación monetaria. Este es la verdadera clave de esta tragedia de inflación + escasez que nos atormenta. Es que el gobierno usa el dinero llamdo inorgánico (sin respaldo) como herramienta para ganar elecciones y todos los años se inventan una elección. Las estadísticas del BCV lo dicen, en Venezuela, cada vez hay más bolívares por cada dolar acumulado en las reservas internacionales.

Un problema que ya era grave (la inflación nunca la bajaron de 10%), lo empeoraron con esa peregrina teoría de las reservas excedentarias (una cosa que no existe). El profesor/asesor se lo explica muy bien en su carta/artículo a quien lo quiera entender de buena fe y el profesor Maza Zavala (otro socialista) lo ha explicado hasta la saciedad.

Ahora, si a usted le encantan los eslóganes, siga engañándose y emitiendo dinero de papel -sin respaldo- hasta el 2000 siempre...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Barack Obama defeats McCain 48% to 42%.

Barack Obama defeats McCain 48% to 42%. People were asked by AP which one they would prefer if the presidential race were held today. Hillary Clinton would not lose with McCain but would won McCain by a minimum 1%.

Según los cálculos de la cadena CNN, Obama acumula ya 918 delegados contra 885 de la ex primera dama, que lidera todavía la carrera demócrata por la presidencia si sumamos los «superdelegados», que le atribuyen un total de 1.108 votos frente a los 1.049 que se apuntan al senador de Illinois.

Obama: Chávez tiene tendencias despóticas...

El senador Barack Obama aseguró que el presidente venezolano Hugo Chávez tiene 'tendencias despóticas' pero insistió en que se reuniría con él si es elegido presidente de Estados Unidos, dentro de una política de mayor acercamiento generalizado hacia Latinoamérica basada en 'dignidad y respeto mutuos... no estoy de acuerdo con las políticas de Chávez o cómo trata a su gente. Creo que se ha consolidado en el poder. Creo que tiene fuertes tendencias despóticas. Creo que ha estado usando los ingresos del petróleo para crear problemas contra Estados Unidos. Así que no es un líder al que admire', afirmó.

Sin embargo, Obama reiteró que en su eventual presidencia se reuniría con cualquier líder mundial, incluido Chávez. 'Ya dije que me encontraría no sólo con nuestros amigos, sino también con nuestros enemigos'. La afirmación, hecha por primera vez hace meses en un debate presidencial y mencionando expresamente a Chávez, al líder cubano Fidel Castro y al iraní Mahmud Ahmadineyad, le originó en su momento numerosas críticas, especialmente de la senadora Hillary Clinton, que lo calificó de 'inocente'.

Ahora todo quedó clariiiiiiiiiiiito...

Cuba: Dicatdura detiene al joven del video

Cuba detiene al joven que acorraló a preguntas a Ricardo Alarcón: Eliécer Avila, el joven que cuestionó ante el Presidente del Parlamento cubano, Ricardo Alarcón diversos aspectos de la revolución ha sido detenido en su domicilio y trasladado a La Habana por fuerzas policiales...

Coincidence or al-Qaeda´s hand?

Fighting, fighting, fighting

From blaming beer of the country's ills, obviating drug trafficking, to fighting with two dead Cardinals are unnecessary and simultaneous fronts that show the degree of amateurism and despair of our Colonel Narciso. Fighting, fighting, fighting is the only thing he knows, while the country requires that he engages in the job of GOVERNING.

Not content with the fight with Colombia, fights with 600-odd candidates for mayor, both from the government and from the opposition; with 40-odd candidates for governor, including also from the government and from the opposition; a superpower, two giant multinationals (EXXON and CONOCO); three European governments and their allies closest to us; five or six Latin American governments; the most important private economic groups in Venezuela; four or five supermarket chains; the most popular TV channel RCTV, the two main quality newspapers and the most popular newspaper; the most important news channel GLOBOVISION; most decorated journalists; the most renowned intellectuals; the leaders that make him a loyal opposition; the union leaders, the businessmen associations; the managers of the national oil company; the army generals; the national guard; the street vendors; the drivers, the mothers and house keepers; his own supporters that refrain from publicly supporting his mad proposals and even with his closest relatives.

The truth is that I would not bet on his future…

Sunday, February 10, 2008

¿Another Madrid electoral "bombing"?

Is The Venezuelan president trying to influence the results of the USA primaries and November election?

Venezuelan president threatened to stop sending oil to the United States if it continued to attack Venezuela as he said it had done through an Exxon Mobil lawsuit that has frozen the assets of the OPEC nation. The anti-American leader of a major crude exporter to the United States also said such U.S. aggression could cause world oil prices to spike to $200 a barrel..."

Remember that the Madrid al-Qaeda bombing in Madrid train station of Atocha changed public opinion and the socialist party won an election it had lost from the beginning.

Venezuela: Two posters

Solo para desempleados

Birmania: Referéndum y elecciones

El Gobierno militar de Myanmar (antes Birmania) efectuará un referéndum sobre una nueva constitución en mayo de este año y elecciones en el 2010, como parte de su plan para retomar la democracia. Es un plan de siete pasos aprobado en 2003 para terminar con más de 40 años de régimen militar. De acuerdo con la hoja de ruta hacia la democracia, el referéndum constitucional se efectuará en mayo.

La nueva constitución no sería muy democrática, ya que incluye una norma ridícula que expulsaría "a cualquier persona casada con un extranjero" y que estaría dirigida contra San Suu Kyi, quien estuvo casada con un académico británico muerto en 1999, cuyo partido ganó las elecciones de 1990. El ejército, que gobierna desde 1962, ignoró el resultado y San Suu Kyi (Premio Nobel de la Paz) pasó años en arresto domiciliario.

Con todo y las marramuncias es una buena noticia...

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Venezuela: Opinion polls are changing

Pollsters Hinterlaces and Keller say the venezuelan President popularity is now near a 30%. The causes are varied: the closure of RCTV, the Antonini Suitcase scandal, the gifts for foreign presidents, , the Sea of Happiness (Cuba), corruption in the Communal Councils and the Cooperatives, the defeat of December the second, the FARC liason, the "war" with Colombia.

From 65% he had last year, he fell progressively to 49% and recently landed at 33%...

Chicks legs for the hungry Venezuelans

Friday, February 08, 2008

Que falta de sindéresis

La gran batalla que decidirá el futuro de América Latina será en Petare

El columnista Ernesto Villegas, normalmente muy comedido, escribió hoy que: "... una de las grandes batallas de las próximas elecciones regionales se librará en Petare, ya que ese voto puede decidir no sólo la elección del Alcalde del Municipio Sucre sino de la de la Alcaldía Mayor y de la Gobernación de Miranda. El futuro de la revolución y del continente se puede decidir en esa parroquia caraqueña..."

Posiblemente, el periodista se refiere al Distrito Sucre del Estado Miranda, que como sabemos los que vivimos allí, es mucho más que Petare. Bueno, que se prepare para "la gran derrota" de América Latina. En esa zona el candidato a Alcalde por el gobierno (una concejala de Petare) está en el cuarto puesto en todas la encuestas que yo he visto.

Los tres primero puestos son de la OPOSICION: Ocariz de MPJ tiene 50-55%; el joven de UNT (que antes era de Un Solo Pueblo) fluctúa entre 15 y 20% y "cabeza de Motor" -el líder de Resistencia- tiene entre 10 y 15%. Después, bien lejos -con menos de 10%- viene una señora del gobierno que no recuerdo el nombre. Y el no sabe/no contesta se lleva lo demás.

Para la Alcaldía Mayor la gente nombra mucho a Leopoldo López, actual Alcalde de Chacao y generalmente cuando se conversa de los problemas del vecindario, aún quienes no han vivido en Chacao (pero trabajan, compran o se divierten allí), hacen la infaltable comparación con el municipio Chacao y su eficiente adminitración.

De esto doy fe por que he oido los comentarios decenas de veces, en referencia a la vigilancia policial, el manejo del tráfico, el control de los buhoneros y especialmene el caos bolivariano con la basura.

Por tanto, yo presumo que
el próximo Alcalde del Municipio Sucre será el señor Ocariz (MPJ) y para la Alcldía Mayor saldrá ganador Leopoldo López (UNT). Sobre la Gobernación no he oído mucho, aunque se que Mendoza es muy popular entre las señoras de la clase media de la zona donde vivo.

PS del DRAE: sindéresis (Del gr. συντήρησις). 1. f. Discreción, capacidad natural para juzgar rectamente.

Presidents sacrifice for their countries

Sad but true: The graph shows that -in Latino America- the poorer the country, the higher (relative to the people mean income) is the president´s salary.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Venezuela debt plunges

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Venezuela's sovereign bonds sold off on Thursday after court orders around the world froze about $12 billion (6.2 billion pounds) in assets belonging to state oil company PDVSA, the main source of government income.

The decisions, which favour Exxon Mobil Corp , come ahead of a multibillion-dollar arbitration case over Venezuela's nationalization of several oil projects last June. Assets owned by ConnocoPhillips were also seized at that time.


Exxon Mobil Corp won a U.K. court order freezing up to $12 billion of assets belonging to Venezuela's state oil company, according to documents filed in a U.S. court.

Exxon Mobil won court orders in the Netherlands and the Netherlands Antilles freezing assets of Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA in each jurisdiction worth up to $12 billion, according to a company spokeswoman.

(Reuters) NEW YORK, Feb 7, Reporting by Matt Daily and Walter Brandimarte.

A post which explains by itself

Hugo Chavez misguided project

Grand Colombia (Spanish for Great Colombia) is a name used for short-lived (1819-1831) republic in South America. It encompassed the territories of present-day Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama, as well as smaller parts of Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil and Guyana.

It was counted alongside Mexico and the US as one of the three leading powers during the liberation years of the Americas. Its territory corresponded more or less to the jurisdiction of the Viceroyalty of New Granada, the Captaincy General of Venezuela and the Royal Audience of Quito.

Grad Farcland means a Latin America country which would be the second in territory, just behind Brazil; third in population behind Brazil and Mexico; and fourth in total GNP behind Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.

The Colonel Narciso project is a Leninist project; therefore he does not ask the other people if they want to be part of an authoritarian project.

The same objective of Latin American union can be attained by peaceful, democratic, voluntary means of association but that is outside the mind of a fascist guy like Colonel Narciso.

Nicaragua and Bolivia are part of the project but are not contiguous territories, therefore Costa Rica and Peru, which are "in the middle" should be worried, the other countries should do something...



The new country in the mind of Hugo Chavez.

Monday, February 04, 2008


A small but significant concentration of Venezuelans and Colombians citizens against the infamous Colombian terrorist group which is retaining more than 700 victims.

The collage shows photos of similar concentrations in Tokyo, Australia, Malasia, Dubai, Azerbaijan, Angola, Paris, Atlanta, Caracas, Noruega y Caracas.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

With the sun on his back

His most difficult hour

(Short summary) - Today Internet brings the news all the experts predicted would happen someday. The wear of the charisma of Colonel Narciso has started. Most recent polls found that Coca Eater Colonel has only 26% of popularity.

Analysts believe that the closure of RCTV, began its downward curve. The strength that characterized him no longer is the same. Those who still support him are now a minority in
in Venezuela and his check book which has served to buy friends, according to analysts, nothing can do to its most implacable enemy: TIME.

From his dizzying fall spoken to the latest surveys, in which his popularity moves between 21% and 25%, when more than six months ago level of acceptance was above fifty.

Important aspects

• Surveys in recent days in Venezuela show that the major problems for the population are: unemployment, poor quality of life and insecurity.

• Raul Baduel, who returned him to power after the coup of April 11, has told Colombia not to care about him because the guy only seeks political returns.

• He wants to convene half of its mandate in 2010, an ilegal recall referendum for Venezuelans to choose whether they want to abandon the presidency.

• Already one study conducted last year showed that his popularity of was in the 30%.

• By constitutional mandate, he will remain the president of Venezuela until February 2013 but after the refusal of the Venezuelan people to reform the constitution, he said that emphasis by whatever method.

A coup: Sooner or later we should expect an attempt to force action to destroy Democracy and ensure the continuance in power of the corrupt Mafia which will be accompanying the Colonel until the end.


"As president, in internal matters has had major setbacks what did he himself raised the need to revise the policies." Federico Welsh, Venezuelan analyst.

"It is estimated that if the elections are now, he can lose with ease between eight and nine of the most important governorates." Angel Oropeza, Venezuelan sociologist.

"The president has wanted Correa make a strong independence because he aims to have an international space very different." Jorge Leon T. analyst Ecuador.

New bus stops

"Coca Eater" changed food habits