Saturday, January 07, 2006

Venezuela: Proudly "saving" Viaduct #1

There are opinions on every thing.

Here there is a very funny one from a communist webpage called Vheadline.

"Proud workers and engineers fight to save the Caracas-La Guaira Viaduct #1."

"The workers and engineers fighting to save the Viaduct #1 are not only making Venezuela better with their hard work and ingenuity -- they should also be making Venezuelans very, very proud."

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Venezuela: 2006 Year of Constitutional Reform

As it arrived, I publish it.

It is the first item of the reform proposal of the constitution that is circulating among the members of the highest government nomenclature.

The same one, according to the explanatory text that accompanies the project, will have to be approved in a referendum in the course of the first trimester of year 2007. People who I have consulted and who say to know the constitution Cuban, indicate that this text "is looked much like the Cuban".

There I leave it to you...


The Revolutionaries of Venezuela, heirs and continuators of the creative work and the traditions of combat efficiency, firmness, heroísmo and sacrifice forged by our predecessors, in exercise of its creative powers, the historical example of our Simón Liberator Bolivar and the heroísmo and sacrifice of our native ancestors, who often preferred the extermination to the submission and of the precursors and forjadores that woke up the national conscience and the anxiety of a free and sovereign mother country;

Guided by the ideario of Simón Bolivar, Samuel Robinson and Ezequiel Zamora, the ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Martí, I castrate, Guevara and of our maximum Leader Hugo Chávez Frias;

Supported in the bolivariano and proletarian internationalism, in the brotherly friendship, the aid, the cooperation and solidarity other towns of the world, specially those of Cuba, the South America and the Caribbean;

Conscious that all the regimes sustained in the operation of the man by the man determine the humiliation of exploded and the degradation of the human condition of the orerators and which single in the socialism and the Comunism, when the man has been released of all the forms of operation: of the slavery, of the servitude and Capitalism, the whole dignity of the human being is reached;

With the immediate aim to consolidate the Bolivariana Revolution, to establish socialist, participativa and protagónica, multiethnic and pluricultural a society initially in a State of justice, centralized, that consolidates the values of the socialism, the sovereignty, peace, solidarity, the communal property, territorial integrity and the revolutionary purity, for this and the future generations; assure the right to the life, the work, the culture, the education, social justice and the equality without discrimination nor subordination some; promote the pacific cooperation between the nations and impel and you consolidate Latin American integration in agreement with the self-determination and principle of non-intervention of the towns, against the intervention and military occupation of Yankee imperialism, the universal and indivisible guarantee of the social rights of the man, the democratization of the international society, the nuclear disarmament, the ecological balance and the environmental legally protected interests like common and cannot be waived patrimony of the humanity; and against the imperialistic dominion, the political corruption, the popular lack of rights and liberties, unemployment and the operation imposed by capitalists and landowners;

Decided to take ahead our huge revolution until its last consequences, in name of our deads of the 4 of February, the 27 of November and of 11 of April, headed heroically by ours by maximum Leader Hugo Chávez Frias, ratified in the victorious referendum of the 16 of August of the 2004 and the presidential elections of the 4 of December of 2006; and sustained on the close unity of all the revolutionary forces and the people, to conquer true national independence, it established the revolutionary power, it made the social and economic transformations, developed the missions, beginning the construction of the socialism and, with the MBR-200 to the front, the continuous one with the final mission to build a communist society;

In representation of the original power of the Bolivariano People, in National Assembly at the Federal House of Laws, we approved the following REFORMA of the Constitution of the Socialist Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela;

(Traslator by Google)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Regionalizing the world oil market

As always one compares supply with demand it appears there is more than enough for every one. It happens with food, water and surprisingly with oil. It looks that contrary to general belief there is more oil around than is usually assumed.

With a little of order in the market and some multinational body setting fair prices it looks possible for major producers to supply mayor consumers and still leave most Saudi Arabia production open to supply the rest of the world.

Regionalizing the oil market and agreeing fair prices would even solve most of our present violent and war situations.

My proposal is as follows:

1. Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, Russia (25%) and United Arab Emirates can balance supply the USA.

2. Norway can balance supply Germany.

3. Nigeria, Libya and Algeria can balance supply Spain, Italy and France.

4. Kazakhstan can balance supply India by land.5. Qatar can balance supply Taiwan.

6. Iran can balance supply China, even if doubles consumption.

7. Kuwait can balance supply South Korea.

8. Iraq can dedicate 50% for its Moslem neighbors.

9. Russia (75%) + Iraq (50%) can balance supply Japan.

10. Saudi Arabia can supply most of the Rest of the World.

I know is not easy, but it is better.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Oil: Russia will lose more than Ukraine

In this globalized world Russia makes a mistake when it cuts Ukraine gas supplies. Russia has begun cutting gas supplies to Ukraine in an energy price dispute which has become a major political row. Russia supplies 30% of Ukraine's gas. It has rejected Russia's proposed fourfold price rise, saying it is "politically motivated."

The iron fist and the end hits the beholder...