Sunday, April 09, 2006

Chavez launches 9/11 investigation

Today, Hugo Chavez will lunch an investigation op the 9/11 al-Qaeda attacks during this weekly TV broadcast. I wonder ¿Why does not he finance the same work for the 11/4 assassinations of 19 venezuelans two blocks from his presidential palace?

Delpy & Hawke

Film stars ETHAN HAWKE and JULIE DELPY who represented 'mismatched' lovers in two very successful films -BEFORE SUNRISE and BEFORE SUNSET- are dating in real life.

Actor ETHAN HAWKE has sparked speculation he's dating JULIE DELPY, after being spotted on a romantic date with the French beauty. The pair, co-stars in BEFORE SUNRISE and BEFORE SUNSET, were spotted enjoying a cosy lunch together at the trendy New York City eatery LE GAMIN - with Hawke's two-year-old son ROAN in tow.

An onlooker says, 'They were whispering, locking eyes and grinning at each other. At one point, Julie tossed her head back and laughed flirtatiously at him.' Once their lunch concluded, the trio untied Hawke's dog and from the restaurant's bench and went for a stroll. A source tells US WEEKLY, 'They seemed happy. He put his arm around her.' Both stars' representatives insist they're just friends.

That would explain the high level of chemistry in both films..."