Saturday, June 30, 2007

Yesterday madness

Chavez: "Russia will help Venezuela to become a power..."

Scotland: Other terrorist act

Blazing car driven into Glasgow airport terminal. Passengers were evacuated from Glasgow Airport and flights have suspended after a blazing car crashed into the departures terminal building around 3.15pm today.

Parallel lives

It is Putin, not Castro
Putin not Castro is the chief of state more alike to Chavez and the more interested in him staying long in power. According to BBC World, Chavez does not discard the idea of a possible nuclear plan in Venezuela. In the middle of his tour by Russia, Byelorussia and Iran, president Hugo Chavez spoke of the possibility of assuming the development of a nuclear program in Venezuela. “Perhaps a day we will go in that direction”, affirmed the Venezuelan in a press conference.

Cold war
The editor of El País of Spain complained yesterday that Putin wants to reedit the Cold War to unite his country internally and externally. He has (according to Newsweek) even formed brigades of fanatical young people - financed and directed from the state- that is sent against whoever shows displeasure with Putin policies. The persecution and death in strange conditions of journalists is another factor that creates distrust towards the democratic credentials of both men.

Aircraft carrier, submarines and missiles
Once Russia put humanity in danger by using Cuba like airdrop platform for its nuclear missiles. Now the turn has arrived for Venezuela, that will have one submarine (it is enough with one) able to initiate a surprise attack on Miami, Houston or New York with a nuclear missile made in Iran.

Community of personal interests
We would be in front of a “damn alliance” (damn in the sense that it is not saint) conformed by a many-colored meeting of interests (not necessarily tied by formal agreements) represented by Putin, the heir of Castro in Cuba, the heir of Hafez al-Assad in Syria, the heir of Kim Il Sun in North Korea, the Byelorussian dictator and now Chavez, in addition to a multitude of groups submissive to strong “atypical” leaderships, like the group that will follow crazy Bin Laden until the death.

The War of the End of the World
In Venezuela, two dissimilar analysts recommend to take seriously the declaration of war of Hugo Chavez. To underestimate to these authoritarian narcissists personages has always been the first and lamentable error of democracies. Garrido and Romero both agree, for once, that his threats although irresponsible do not stop short of being serious. Coming from people without sense of proportions, they must be weighed and subject of attention and action.

It is my opinion as well
This early morning, I had the opportunity to watch -by cable- an excellent South Korean film which shows to the damage a war of more ago than 50 years had on the population and the families of both north and south and that was a war (like the one our local “revolutionaries” augur to us) between Koreans on behalf of China and the U.S.A.

Without the strategic situation generated by the Cold War the one in Korea would had lasted a year and had been decisively won by South Korea (that is at least what the film line), but under the shade of the Cold War the Korean war extended for years and dead, divided the territory and put population to still suffer seasonal hunger and under an atrocious, eternal and hereditary dictatorship.

Is that what future stores for us?
According to all the authors mentioned and if the neo-dictators fulfill their “dreams”, we have no other perspective left than one human and economic suffering with effects that will extend by more than half a century. Pay attention that even today many old Republican and pro-Franco fighters do not greet or shake hands in the public acts of “reconciliation” that the new generations of Spaniards celebrate every year.

There I leave that to you…

Thursday, June 28, 2007

William Echeverria rejects Prize

William journalist Echeverria requested respect for the journalistic union y declined to accept the Metropolitan Prize of Journalism "Aníbal Nazoa". In the ceremony of delivery, conducted in the Room Jose Felix Ribas of the Teresa Carreño, he read a speech in which explained that it was his form to protest against the insults and vejámenes that has received the signallers from representatives of official organisms.

Hugo or Egomania

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Venezuelans walk for Freedom

Copa America New Barquimeto Estadium

Chavez´s new toys

Chavez has decided to by submarines to keep in Latin America to counter the United States presence there. Chavez claims that he is just preparing for any type of asymetricsal ((Iraq type) war” with the U.S. if it should ever occur.

Caracas is reported to have spent $3.4 billion on Russian arms, including assault rifles and fighter jets, and to be negotiating to buy a $290 million Russian air-defense system. So far, Venezuelan officials claim that they are abiding by all international and regional nonproliferation treaties. Buying weapons is nothing new to the Venezuelan leader, however this purchase will double what is currently being spent on military by the country.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Goooooooool by the Devil

Venezuela: What a tragedy

European optimism by negotiation with MERCOSUR, Panama and the U.S.A. sign TLC and Exxon, ConocoPhillips say bye, bye… to Chavez.

European optimism by negotiation with Mercosur
In optimistic tone the representative of the UE in Brazil assured that there are good expectations for a bilateral commercial agreement between the Mercosur and the UE. This could be a decision that takes the 4 from July European Chiefs of State and president Lula in Lisbon.

Panama and the U.S.A. sign TLC Thursday
The United States and Panama will sign their bilateral treaty of free commerce the next Thursday. The treaty will be signed by Susan Schwab and minister Alexander Ferrer.

Exxon-Mobil and Conoco-Phillips say not to Chavez
Exxon-Mobil and oil Conoco refused to sign deals to keep pumping heavy under to tougher terms in the Venezuela's Orinoco River basin, signaling to their departure from one of the world's largest oil deposits. Analysts said the move, Hill not have to major effect on prices supplies or lead to to higher AT pumps.

Fear is FREE

Soyeon Made It!

Soyeon had one chance in 30.000 to go to space as a korean astronaut in a russian ship. After tests and more tests she made it! She will join to Tereshkova and few other women who has done it. She will see the blue marvel as she declares in a YouTube video. Congratulations fromVenezuela...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Values World Map

And how do we elect the next president?

In January of 2004 I wrote about choosing early the presidential candidate applying two principles: The one of proportional representation by delegates and the one of the double majority. Reality showed that “I was right” but that does not make me happy. I said:

“So why not to combine both principles and revert, against the government, the trap of anticipated the regional and local elections, taking advantage of the accomplishment of primares and simultaneously allow society to choose their local candidates and to prepare themselves, with all irons, for the opportune election of a democratic presidential candidate, using a system of convention with double ballotage and double majority. The system that I propose leaves the essential decisions into the hands of the citizens.

1. First, a primary would be made to choose candidates to Governor and Mayor.

2. Second, a national convention would be made with those elected for the positions of mayor and the governor. Tthey should select to the presidential candidate by means of a system of double voting and double majority.

3. In the convention, the presidential candidate would be that who obtains most of the votes (represented proportionally in the convention by the candidates to mayor) and most of the states (represented nominally by the candidates to governor).

4. So many “rounds” would be carried out, as it is necessary, until the convention obtains a candidate with both majorities. The convention would be public and transmitted by television to all the country. The election with primary and convention, under the principle of the double roung and double majority, guarantees legitimacy, strength, opportunity and speed, all key factors in the present situation in which the Venezuelan society faces a state apparatus with totalitarian aspirations and a mediocre candidate with aspirations of life dictator. This proposal would dramatically turn around the tortilla of the regional and local elections cínically anticipated in time by a CNE to the orders of the dictatorship in gestation..."

I like that last closing sentence and… I leave that to you…

Moms and Dots (II)

“A normal” day in the life of President Hugo Chavez

Today for everyone it is just a Monday, for the president too, with the difference that before everything went well for him and now it is not the case. Lets the news titles to say it for us:

1. An enemy of Chávez new mayor in Buenos Aires.

2. Zapatero distances by authoritarianism.

3. They announce last minute changes in Cup America program.

4. Mercosur analyzes Chávez media censorship.

5. Globovisión closing, will be the principle of its aim. (

6. Country rebels as "dictator” hides...

7. Good bye to Venezuela says oil global.

8. The deficit "jacks" the socialism of Chávez. (New Herald)

9. Venezuela will buy russian submarines and expensive fighter planes.

10. The CNE is naked. (El Aragueño)

11. The Socialist Gang: Chávez administered an oath to his daughter "amiguitos"...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Digressing in front of an army

First, the scoop: Baduel removed Gral. Muller Rojas from the Army

They disguised the sacking as a voluntary resignation …But more guns…

More airplanes of training... even more submarines, why no?

We are “in a global war…” dont we?

And Globovisión supposedly “manipulating and poisoning”…

Deceiving with the story of which the politics is equal to war…

That the empire starts with the war and only later makes politics...

He forgets that he has been 8 years playing politics with the U.S.A... and so far not a single shot…

Everything is “war”...From, that and fascist practices of “security” he does not have but one step…

Calls crazy the people who do not think like him…

And orders to watch and “to neutralize” the puppies of the empire that is any boy who criticizes that as a dictator he closed illegally RCTV…

He speaks of one true democracy, but “democracy” without freedom or elections?

He passes from “the fascist” argument to “the Leninist” argument in a single paragraph and without transition…The USA are a "golem" or giant of mud that prevents PEACE

The orator forgot that he closed RCTV and that one who buys arms, ends up using them. It seems the speech of the president of a country like Korea or Spain which left poverty in the span of two generations and not the president of a country that does not have worthy houses in the market for more than 1.0000.000 families; that it does not have productive employment for millions of young people; that delinquents (many affiliated to its party) assassin thousands of people every year; that hospitals are in a true chaos; that the schools and the new universities at shambles, that the list of economic problems is not even understand by him and now wants to revive an economy typecast in that of the USSR that in Moscow everyone wants to forget as rapidly as possible.

The orator lives in another world and offers us a war with hunger that will leave the country worse than Iraq after the two invasions of its friends Bush, senior and junior.

Venezuela: Another madness...

“Moscow is worth a Summit well...”
Venezuela (that is himself) “is not veryinterested in the old Mercosur” and instead of attending the MERCOSUR Summit that will take place at the end of month in Paraguay, president Chavez will travel to Russia and Iran, to look for what he does not lost yet...

"The grapes are green…"
It was said by the fable personage said that governs to this country, good example of fools who always have existed…

Do not miss Rafael Poleo sunday coment

The last equivocal in President Chavez recent string of fouls and poor decisions...

Moms & Dots (I)

(Click on photo for more detail image)

Peace & Love?

Old Year resolution

July the first sits in the center of the half of the year, a good date to make resolutions. Mine this time is to maintain two blogs with similar names.

One will be the eternal blog, containing the original texts in the Spanish version in of all my posts, with the local flavor of these writings, directed to the local readers which for my surprise range from 200 to 400 every day, according to the subject and measured by the visits counter of webscope®.

The other blog, will be ONLY in English, directed to the foreign readers who do not understand Spanish, the texts will be reduced in extend but will deal with the same subject matter. They will not be an exact copy, one of the other. The blog in its global version will display briefer texts.

As far as the title of blog, in both cases it will be “Letter from Venezuela”, a name already registered every where in Internet, and therefore I do not see any need to change it.

As always, the local blog will have some reflection which deserves to end being disclosed like many of the hundreds of “letters of readers” in “El Nacional”, the best national newspaper and the daily read of my entire life.

The most extensive and “wise” texts will be subjected to the good judgment of the people of “El Gusano de Luz” (the light worm), who will decide if they deserve to be read by the illustrious and wider public than accedes daily to their democratic and plural webzine; the dean of internet magazines in Venezuela, according to my bad internauta memory

Anticipating improvements in both blogs, I have made a muscular investment (husky for my sober budget) in cell phone, photographic camera laptop.

So we have one double appointment from the first of July.

It’s a deal!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Venezuela´s Authoritarian Constitutional Reform

Chavez: “I am not a socialist…”
Hugo Chavez, nine years ago, civilian dressed, with its face well washed, 50 pounds lighter and anxious to look OK declared in the show of Jaime Baily "… I am not a socialist…"

Castro: “I am not communist…”
Fidel Castro, with its bearded face and its olive green uniform, in the Sierrra Maestra mountain range declared to a journalist of the New York Times and: “I am not communist…” Luckily, his speech was engraved in film for posterity.

Hernandez: “It does not have anything to do with it…”
Roberto Hernandez declared yesterday that “… I can assure that the project on the Constitutional Reformation, being analyzed and studied by the CPRC, does not have anything to do with the thing pulished by the slanderous media…”

Escarrá: “… it is the first draft…”
Carlos Escarrá affirmed “that” is a rough draft of the reform prepared for the CPRC… it is just… the first rough draft of seven work papers prepared for the CPRC… I do not know where they could have removed that rough draft from…”

Please, do not explain that I get confused…

Friday, June 22, 2007

Watch the students protest music video

Dialectical surprise

One of the most attractive aspects of marxism, is not of Marx but of his benefactor Engel. That is a theory that says that “everything can, dialectically, transform itself into its opposite”.

It happens much with the words. All we have heard the young people say that something beautiful is “terrífic”, in a transformation of the language that seems to obey to that law or we have heard of the submissive married man that transfors into a crazy divorcee. The examples abound.

This week arrived the moment to him at the chavismo for transforming itself into its opposite. The best at sight thermometer and of all was the broadside of offenses of the torquemada one at night against Spanish Judge Garzón who visits to us, by the way in private trip paid by a deprived association of industrialists who exert their natural right to invite and to listen that to them them of the desire.

At the end of the night, it gave other people's pain to see the poor man of the nocturnal condition facist-leninista of the channel of “all the Venezuelans” attacking until with tobo the JUDGE, in capital letters, who managed to less put under in opinion nothing than to universally hated General Augusto Pinochet and who maintains all the dictators nervous who in the world are.

We were present at, thanks to the official, and live direct channel, an almost perfect example of the transformation of an apparently popular movement in its diametrical opposite and to become which smells of fascismo, militarismo and dictatorship.

Surprises gives LIFE to you...

Venezuela: Revolution or Constitutional Totalitarianism

The constitutional reform promoted by the regimen of military coups organizers governing Venezuela for the last 8 years anticipates profound inroads into an openly totalitarian state. The text of proposals, previously maintained in strict secrecy, was leaked recently to mass media. Th eleaked text introduces severe restrictions in already damaged human and social rights, reversing democratic traditions in areas as transcendental as universities accademic autonomy, private property, state monopolies, currency, inflation, territorial reorganization and many others.

I – Stealing Private Property. Between the most Fascist-Leninist proposals, the on private property stands out. The Constitution of the 99 prohibits the restoration of monopolies as much deprived as of the State. Nevertheless, the modification raises the possibility of granting privileges in this matter to the Government.

II – Making private business with public property. That will allow the connected and family to make business through the state “owned” monopolies. One the first areas to be monopolized is collective transport and food distribution. Recently, Brazilian magazine VEJA denouced close family busines in this economic area. Something similar to what Padre Palmar, a chavista priest, has been denouncing with respect to PDVSA in Reporte Diario de la Economia.

III – Depriving journalists of the secret source. The proposed constitution eliminates the right to maintain journalistic source privacy and media control by setting estrange “… state requirements for citizen’s education which the State is going to impose…”

IV - Undermining of the university academic autonomy. With modifications in many fields, including pensa of studies, with the purpose of “adapting” them to the Venezuelan state plans; that is, the Leader’s personal dreams.

V – Degrading elected governors. In an imitation of General Gomez (1908- 1936) policies the Leader will designate “federal governors” to control still more territory and funds above elected governors.

VI – Firing unfriendly elected officials. Elected opposition officials will be dismissed by a parallel state organization created with a federation of communal councils (soviets) made up of leader neighborhood followers.

VII – Legalizing Xenophobia. Participation of foreign residents in electoral processes will be curtailed and double nationality already held by many European and Latin American descendants will be erased.

VIII – The horrible face of fascism. Men in charge of defending the people (ombudsman), prosecute criminals, impart justice and defend the county sovereignty have all actively participated in the creation of this engender of constructional text.

IX. – But the worst is yet to come. Despite it is already known that on almost every key issue of the reform the militarist position is rejected by majorities of between 55 to 95%, this terrible totalitarian Fascist/Leninist constitutional reform will have be imposed on the population by via of electoral fraud and military force.

X. And it will, write it!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bil Gates, acused of conspiracy in Venezuela

According to the venezuelan government Microsoft´s Bill Gates published in Encarta ® 2006 a threat of "magnicide" against the venezuelan president since the famous encyclopedia explains to children what MAGNICIDIO is and how often it has occurred everywhere. Tomake things worst, the enciclopaedia mentions that magnicidies have taken place in Spain that is our "mother" country and spanish representatives of the empire (priests, directors of universities) like bookshop owners who sell books by Samuelson and Friedman to minors and students.

The government designated the commando "Proud Donkeys” to contouratack the use of that encyclopedia in the houses of the rich of the east of the capital city of Caracas. Here follows some of the subliminal paragraphs in the spanish version of the eciclopaedia designed and sold by that "electronic terrorist" known as Bill Gates:

"Magnicidio" - Asesinato de una persona de reconocido rango, poder o prestigio, con fines generalmente políticos o religiosos y amplia repercusión pública. El término aparece empleado por primera vez en el año 1090 d.C., cuando se fundó en Siria la fraternidad islámica de los Asesinos por Hasan Sabbah, aunque esta práctica había existido desde época temprana. Uno de los incidentes más famosos tuvo como protagonista a Cayo Julio César, que fue asesinado en el Senado romano a manos de sus compañeros en los idus (el día 15) de marzo del 44 a.C. La conspiración fue encabezada por Marco Junio Bruto, Décimo Bruto y Cayo Casio Longino.

En España fueron múltiples los casos de magnicidio desde mediados del siglo XIX: tal muerte tuvieron Juan Prim y Prats (1870), Antonio Cánovas del Castillo (1897), José Canalejas y Méndez (1912) y Eduardo Dato (1921). Entre los magnicidios más célebres del siglo XX se encuentran el del archiduque austriaco Francisco Fernando de Habsburgo y el del presidente de Estados Unidos John Fitzgerald Kennedy. El archiduque Francisco Fernando era sobrino y sucesor de Francisco José I, emperador del Imperio Austro-Húngaro, y fue muerto de un disparo el 28 de junio de 1914 en Sarajevo a manos de un terrorista serbio llamado Gavrilo Princip, hecho que se convirtió en desencadenante de la I Guerra Mundial.

El 22 de noviembre de 1963 el presidente estadounidense John Fitzgerald Kennedy fue asesinado en Dallas. El asesino se llamaba Lee Harvey Oswald y sería calificado más tarde como un ‘tirador solitario’ y simpatizante prosoviético. Murió, unos días después de ser detenido, asesinado por Jack Ruby, que sería juzgado y encarcelado, por lo que nadie fue juzgado por el asesinato del presidente Kennedy. La tragedia se hizo aún mayor a raíz del posterior asesinato del hermano de John Kennedy, el fiscal general de Estados Unidos Robert Kennedy.

En este siglo también pueden destacarse los magnicidios contra: Mahatma Gandhi, asesinado en 1948 por un extremista hindú; José Antonio Remón, presidente de Panamá, asesinado en un bar en 1955; Martin Luther King, al que dispararon al salir de un hotel en Memphis en 1968; el presidente del gobierno español Luis Carrero Blanco, muerto el 20 de diciembre de 1973 en un atentado de la organización terrorista ETA; Anwar al-Sadat, presidente egipcio asesinado en 1981 por integristas musulmanes; Indira Gandhi, cuando un miembro sij de su escolta la disparó en 1984; la misma suerte corrió su hijo Rajiv Gandhi, en 1991; Olof Palme, presidente del gobierno sueco en 1986, e Isaac Rabin, muerto de un disparo por un extremista sionista en 1995."

¿Quieren más pruebas de que Gates, Samuelson, Friedman y Den-Siao Ping son definitivamente unos conspiradores?