Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"something is happening in the subway"

Before I wrote the previous post, one fascist-lenninist leader had already written the accusation that I hoped they would write or declare tomorrow or even later, after simulating an “exhautive” investigation.

They went ahead of me.
They always surprise me…

Metro de Caracas

Today they have a show, delaying the trips to bother the passengers. But one thinks about any thing, as a daily user of that very necessary service, which one has seen to rapidly deteriorate. Almost an old man, one imagines one operator “enratonado” after a weekend of drinks or a damaged light or the disconnection of a cable or safety device during the recent repair works of that subway section.

But the accusation for the CIA will come sooner or later...
They will even talk of a “pajarito” that was filmed in a video, accidentally wearing a "franela" (polo shirt) will a front slogan like: “Tenemos con que" or a similar RCTV slogan. The only thing that one does not imagine is the date of the accusation, but not doubt it will happen.

Write it down it…

Monday, July 30, 2007

Caracas: First metro accident ever

One person dead.
Driver hurt but alive.

USA agrees...

... provision of arms to:
  1. Egypt: 13.000 million dollars
  2. Israel: 30.000 million dollars
  3. Saudi Arabia: 20.000 million dollars
  4. Persian Gulf (Several Countries): XXX million dollars


George Orwell revisited

With Chávez, the chácharos hold power

“I like my other proposal for constitutional reform and it is that the president (that is me) has the power to designate, not one, but several vice-presidents, three, four, five, etc, even a vice-president who can be temporary to fulfill a mission… a new figure that a revolution requires, but that is not going to be in Caracas..."

He will be a man with... "a driver or a light truck, perhaps it comes to live for the bush, vice-presidents of the bush, so that it gives more strength to his region and to the project… I would name a vice-president for the border, to live in Guasdualito or making the rounds from Guasdualito to Castillete and from Castillete to Paraguaipoa and from there to Elorza or Puerto Páez, with extraordinary, financial, technological resources…”

With Gral. Gomez the people hold power, with Chávez the chácharos hold it…

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Every one knows it

Too little, too late, too bad

500 guards for a few days…Previously I referred in this blog how poorly organized and insufficient is the control of delinquency in the districts that surround Petare. Immediately, after that post happened the slaughter of the bakery and the government just inaugurated a sport field in a demagogic act where they offered what shows the front page the official newspaper "Ultimas Noticias".


Little and behind schedule...The official reaction can be described as poor since the G.N. are also people of bad habits towards the civil population and therefore they will not touch their heart and will not win their confidence, which is the main function of the block police one proposes. Sadly, incapacity crushes the government and kills its voters…

Cuba first stop; North Korea, final destination

This post collects information from other sources. The first is a text -displayed in the spanish version of this blog- with a list of things “FORBIDEN IN CUBA” taken from Noticierodigital.com and of another Web site called “CUBA TRUTH”.

The other information is a video set from a Spanish TV show with a rare visit of a Spanish journalist to North Korea., The 8 pieces of video of YouTube, can be watched at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3Z9ukkWvzE

In my opinion both pieces of information are complementary, opportune and may be truthful, with a good aproximation to what I intuit will be the next two stations of the bolivarian train drived by "the light of the Venezuelan revolution..."

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The fraudulent constitutional "reform"

Translation from "The Devil´s Excrement", posted on Saturday, July 28, 2007.

In this post the word fraud is related to the use of a reform to write a NEW constitution. Most articles, including democratic basic principles, will be restricted, erased or re-written without the public discussion and participation the present constitution (the best in the world 7 years ago) requires for such a deep change in the constitutional text. It is definetively a simple reform. Read Mr. Escarrá list and make your own mind. In a future post, I will show the diferences between the requirements of the Intermaerican Democratic Charter and the new constitutional text leaked to the press.

Constitutionalist Hermann Escarra gave a press conference to outline the changes the Commission for Constitutionla Reform will present to President Chavez. Esacrra claims to have a copy of the document (from his brother Carlos?) He has made the following observations:


The fundamental principles of the Constitution are outlined in the first 9 articles but are contained throughout the document. He mentions, as an example, Art. 19. which prohibits discrimination, to change it would require a Constituent Assembly because it is a fundamental right given to people. The same applies to articles like 152, which gives equality to all states, Art. 299 on social justice and democratization of the economic system or 339 on when the Government can declare a state of emergency.

Thus, even if the first nine articles were not being violated, this would not imply that a Constitutent Assembly is not needed. On the changes that will be proposed, he notes the following, which I have shortened, to note the most significant ones:On the Political division of the Republic:The Government creates communal cities and territories, special federal territories and the Head of State may at any time and by decree change the political organization of the States and municipalities without the people voting on it.

On Human Rights and Fundamental Liberties

--It establishes new limits to individual rights because of "general interest" or "others constitutional rights"

--The hierarchy of international Human Rights Treaties of Art. 23 is removed.

--Nos retroactivity od the law is eliminated, except for penal causes. (Art. 24)

--Injunctions will not be allowed if a state of exception is activated and it will have indefinite duration.

--The right to access information is limited. People will now have to prove "direct and legitimate interest" in order to get access to the inforamtion. (Art. 28)

--It establishes limits to international justice on Human Rights.

--It allows for revoking the nationality to those not born in Venezuela.

--It establishes a new crime when someone is being "persecuted by public clamor" (that is, by "red mob" accusation)

--A judicial order will no longer be needed to raid a home. "Sanitary" inspections will proceed without prevous notification.

--The State no longer protects property (Art. 55) it now only refers to "possesions"

--Freedom of Speech is now limited (Srt. 57) by a "new" concept of "hate and crimes promotion "

--It limits parent's rights over their kids, adolescents will have the right to decide who educates them.--One will not be able to invoke freedom of conscience when it may affect society,a person or group of persons (Art. 61)

--The "people's" sovereignty is now limited as a function of the needs to build a socialist state (Violaties Art. 5 of the present Constitution)

--All requirements for referenda are increased.

--The health system will no longer be decentralized.

--Young people will have a duty to participate in the social transformation of the country.

--Freedom of work is eliminated (Art. 87)

--University autonomy is eliminated and Graduate Programs will be determined by the State.

--Limitations to the media are introduced in Art. 108.

--Only the State may have a monopoly

--Art. 115 creates the concepts of :Public property controlled by the State, Social Property controlled by the State, Collective property controlled by the State, Mixed property under the custody of the State and private property which may be confiscated when it affects the rights of third parties or society. Confiscation will be decided by the State itself, not a judicial decision.

--Public workers lose the right to strike. Violates ILO rules.

--Communal Councils are created.Organization of the State--States will no longer be able to organize their municipal division

--States will no longer be able to exploit roads and highways commercially.

--The National Assembly will be able to remove a Mayor when the Communal Power requests it.

--The President will name "Territorial Vice-Presidents" for matters or sectors. He will decide their function, they will be above elected the Governors.

--The President can be reelected indefinitely.

--Qualifications to be a Justice of the Supreme Court are made easier

--Decentralization is eliminated.

--The Bolivarian Armed Forces are created.

--The Civil Registry is eliminated.

--Art. 299,302 and 303 define the Socialist State.

--Limits for indebting the State are eliminated.

--The Central Bank will no longer be autonomous.

--The Armed Forces may assume investigative powers on penal cases.

--The fight against imperial States is introduced as part of the security doctrine of the country.

--Under a state of exception only the right to life communication and torture are left. States of exception will no longer have a time limit. Changing the Constitution

--Number of votes required to change goes up.

--Aplication of article 350 on Civil "Disobedience" is now subject to a contrdictory approval by constituted power represented by the Supreme Court.

Hugo no me jodas (*)

They are the authoritarian
While he closes television stations and persecutes journalists and students, the venezuelan president declares himself a democrat like Abraham Lincoln. From Military Historical Museum he declared with its very washed face that “the new venezuelan” socialist model will be developed “on ethical bases, moral, social, political, geographic and economic…”

(*) Untranslatable

All could be dead

The talibane terrorists threaten to kill them soon.
Already killed the group leader.

Is the military regime making capitalism ilegal?

"Private property eliminated by constitutional reform..."
If one reads with care it can be stated that property, is accepted "like a fact" and not "like a right" and only for the property of perecible goods and for production but strictly for personal activity. A person who acquires a vehicle can not rent it to a third person to work like a taxi driver. That is considered exploitation of man by man.

"... when the planning system pays attention to a centralized the economy, the reform indicates that it is the planning of a socialist model... there will be expropiables goods and indemnification by means of an administrative (nonjudicial) decision and that is very serious. Also the confiscación of goods is admitted when there is "an economic activity that "attempts against the socialist model"...

“The preeminence of the collective interests over the individual interests, the limitation by the State of all means of economic production and the creation of a centralized planning system to be able to say without incurring militantismo, that whatever it has read a book of economic history, knows that responds to a leninista Marxist model like previous transit to the communist society.

(Asdrubal Aguiar at th FEDECAMARAS CONGRESS 2007)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Get off that cloud...

Heard during an official act in obligatory national chain of radio and television, transmitted from the andes: “I assume the commitment to continue your fight, your interminable battle (...) to follow your way…”

Constitución cargada

First Chavez´s submarine is here!!!


Too little, too late

Raúl Castro spoke too late for millions who lost their life living 49 years under an non viable economic system...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Where are the clowns?

Who is really Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga?

First Honduran Cardinal. Graduated in Philosophy in the Institute Don Rua, El Salvador (1965), Titled in Theology of the Pontifical Athenian Salesiano, Rome (1970), Laterana University graduates in Moral Theology in the Pontifical Vatican (1974), Title in Clinical Psychology and Psycotherapy in Innsbruck, Archbishop of Tegucigalpa, Honduras (1993), Cardinal (2001), President of the Episcopal Conference of Honduras, Founder of the Catholic University of Honduras, Title Honorarium of the Don University Bosco, El Salvador, Title Honorarium of the Catholic University of Taiwan, Kaohsiunng.

Who will be the clown now?

"Continuous re-election only for me"

Tens of newspapers say it today (read the small sample)
The Venezuelan ruler made a call to take the path of the theology of liberation and move away "from the path of Catholic bishops who are lost" and ordered any foreigner who criticizes his government to be expelled from the country, bla, bla, bla...

Chávez confirma que buscará la reelección
Los Tiempos - El presidente de Venezuela confirmó ayer que en los próximos días presentará su plan de reforma de la Constitución vigente desde 1999, ...

Chávez confirma que buscará su reelección presidencial
La Razón (Bolivia) - El presidente de Venezuela confirmó ayer que presentará su plan de reforma de la Constitución, la cual incluirá que pueda relegirse indefinidamente ...

Chávez buscará la reelección indefinida
La República (Perú) - Declaración en 'Aló, Presidente' confirma lo que se esperaba: el gobernante buscará sucederse a sí mismo con todas las ventajas. ...

Chávez busca la reelección perpetua
El Siglo de Tucumán - El Presidente de Venezuela confirmó en su programa radial que impulsará una nueva reforma de la Constitución de su país.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Chavez plans to stay forever in power

"Until now, thanks to God and to the people´s conscience, we go for nine years (in power) and the projection is to stay -at least- up to the year 2021..."

Source: Infobae.com

Bishop Chavez (Part II)

The Great Shepherd calls us not to follow the Catholic Church bishops
According to Cadena Global: “The president affirmed that the bishops “walk lost” when they accuse the government of going towards a marxist-leninist system” “… he called Sunday to abandone the top of the Catholic Church and asked his followers to hold to the theology of liberation.

"The bishops who criticize my government “are in favor of the wrong way and lost their way to the Lord"...“I call the true Christians, all true catholics. The Catholic Church is not of the bishops, we are those that really believe in Christ, is the Church of Christ, is the liberating Church. We are in favor of the theology of liberation, the way to the revolution with Christ…”

Chavez: Reversing at 1.000.000 Km per hour

My socialist party will not adopt the dogmatic marxism-leninismo
The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, reiterated today that his Socialist Party “will not adopt the marxism-leninism, because that is a dogma that already demodé” and that he must take step sto the create “our own doctrine…” “We have great faith in Christ Redemptor. Our socialism must be Christian, bolivarian, not marxist-leninist…” “ What if the Communist Party continues making the apology of the marxism-leninism? Good, for them! But I am not going to figtht with them, but my PS will not take the flags of marxism-leninism, because that is their dogma…”

Chavez more rapid than a ray… Erased the "UNIQUE" word of the “the new” party name and now the leninist are they,"those of the PCV", not me!!!

Thanks, Baduel, for the favors received…

CIA: Comic Institutional Antimperialism

Trio of CIA agents accompanied by a russian double agent from the KGB. Thay are the Venevision tiger, Bugs Bunny and (ex chavista) agent Winnie The Pooh.

Me, me, me and me

President Hugo Chavez against anything he does not control...

-- Voy a "terminar con la dispersión facilitada por la actual división política administrativa... que fomenta la formación de caudillos regionales, con métodos ajenos al proyecto de integración nacional..."

Only me, me, me...

Venezuela: Fascist skin change

The venezuelan government “NEW PARTY” ended up in a change of skin of the same group of people. Sadly for Hugo Chavez many classic leaders from the old socialist democratic parties decided not to jon to his new fascistoid creation. They scaped the hand and will of a dictator in the making who wants to stay in power for life. Venezuelans are not silly or stupid, they detect when they are going to be coned.

Bad luck for Hugo Chavez this time!!!

No comparison, please!!!

The Venezuela TAX MAN wants a developed country VAT of 24% while the inept venezuelan government offers "african" public services...

Venezuelan’s pain or shame

Carlos Alberto Montaner describes today in the Miami Herald the roles of Castro, Chavez and Morales in the most recent revolutionary adventure of the dying dictator. For Montaner, to export an outdated and failed political totalitarian scheme is more stupidity than crime.

But for aspiring life dictators like Chavez and Morales Castro is an endless fountain of useful advice. They visit the ailing Castro to squeeze last minute recommendations which could allow them to learn "how to" disappear some political adversaries, kill a few and nullify the rest with a minimum of consequences for them...

Banana Republic: A creative human rigths violator

On the 13th of July at GATE 15 of the Maiquetía departing terminal (Caracas Airport) a VENEZUELAN lady was subject to humulliating "nationality tests" by a crazy security guard. The fascist-leninist security officer requested the departing traveler to sing the national anthem and tried to administer other random nationality tests. The traveller rightly opossed to the humilliatig tests and did not performed the ridiculous actions requested by the crazy guard-woman. At the end the traveller was allowed to leave the country thanks to the intevention of some kind COPA airline officials. Look at the complete story in the venezuelan webzine Noticias24...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Baduel excites the wasps's nest

Baduel, 52 year, parachutist

1. Commander of the Brigade of Parachutists of the Army and also commander of this component (January 2004 - July 2006).

2. Military attache' in El Salvador, when Leopoldo Castillo was ambassador in those latitudes.

3. He did not participate in the blow of the 4 of February because '' was not in favor of the shortime thesis, because it thought that they were not given to the conditions ''.

4. Shortly before which to Chávez they took lengthy 11-A to it of 2002, general the now trisunny one said to him by telephone: '' Nobody will say to him that Baduel betrayed ''.

5. Collaborated in the elaboration of the military missionRestitution of the National Dignity, that rescued to president Chávez the 13 of April of 2002 and it took it of return to Miraflores.

6. Declared in 2004 to Cuban journalists: '' At other moments of our lives, has been people whom it has loved to speculate on my friendship with the President and to create some cizaña. But our relation responds to the calls of the heart. In addition to the ideals, they are the deep affection ''.

7. A month ago, scandalous photos of a presumed naked Baduel circulated around international means and Internet. He himself commander in chief declared at the beginning of July that was pocketed a ball graphs.

Philippino prison inmates in the Guinnes Book of Records

The most popular YouTube video today shows 967 prison inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (Philippines) syncronic dancing 80s musicals like Thriller and Radio Gaga. Excelent lesson for the inept venezuelan jail officials who do not know what to do with the thousands inmates trusted to them by society for reeducation...

Friday, July 20, 2007

RCTV is again the most watched TV channel

According to the survey company AGB, which measures audience levels in venezuela, past Monday RCTV surpassed the rest of the channels in television by subscription and it almost duplicated to the closest competitor.

Whole Country
RCTV International reached 24%, according to DirecTv and ABG.
(opposed to 9% of Venevisión)

RCTV 22%, Venevisión 13.6 and Globovisión 7,4.

RCTV 19.5%, Venevisión 10.4 and Globovisión 2,4.

RCTV 23%, Venevisión 15.2 and Globovisión 9,2.

RCTV 5%, product of a problem presented by Intercable, the greater cableoperator in the region.


Doctorate honoris cause in computer science for Fidel Castro. The University of Computer Sciences of Cuba (of course) granted the title of Doctor Honoris Cause to the Cuban president, in recognition to “its systematic contributions to that branch of the knowledge by more than half century, specially by its scientific conceptions, models and methods of a revolutionary and socialist computer science to the service of the country and humanity…”

Who knows what that shit (mielda) it means!!!


Toyota Overtakes GM

It is official now. Toyota Motor Corp. become the world's No. 1 vehicle maker for the first half of 2007. Toyota worldwide sales of cars and trucks amounted to 4.72 million units for the first six months of the year. General Motor sales were 4.67 million units for the same period.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

VENEZUELA: Media Law to be reformed again

William Lara threatens Media Law will be reformed again.

The Law is just for the cable operators.

Technically impossible to get "Chavez chains on all TV channels", copyright agreements and contracts do not allow, we are already transmitting all state owned channels, public can watch chains in them if they want.

Including local channels, at home I could receive up to 16 Venezuelan local channels and today there are only 13. Government still has the chance to dedicate ONE CHANNEL in every cable operator grill to have HUGO CHAVEZ speeches on air permanently (Like the Big Brother of "1984" famous novel) and allow the public to watch the speeches if they want or not.

Government should not stop all the channels at the same time just to get Hugo Chavez as the only image on the air, because WE THE PEOPLE have a contract with each cable operator which allows us to watch whatever channel we want with no government intervention.

Any other decision by Hugo Chavez would be an unjustified egomaniac, illegal and undemocratic imposition...

Venezuelan 21st Century TV Set

Venezuela is divided by half

Opinion polls are used for many things, among others to discover what the politicians hide. Here it is a summary of surveys published in the last months.

Datanalisis (Julio) Leon considers that between the chavistas "more of 70% it is against any violation to the rights of private property. 80% of the officialism are against using to Cuba as example and more than 60% of the chavistas were against the exit of the RCTV air.

Hinterlaces (May) In interviews made between the 11 and the 17 of May to 885 Venezuelans in several states of the country, sample that 80% are in discord with the RCTV closing.

2001.com (March) President of Hinterlaces, Oscar Schemel, showed that an important rejection to the idea of a model of socialist government exists in the country and only 33% endorse it.

Union Radio (February) Oscar Schemel, director of Hinterlaces: 41% of the Venezuelans consider in which the performance of Chavez is good or very good… 61% reject reform constitutional,75% Rejects the closing of RCTV; 38% say that its management is bad or very bad,43% reject the socialism that the president raises and 44% think that its management harms the country.

These numbers allow to infer that the country is divided 50% and 50% in favor and against the president and the constitutional reform is far from being approved already by the necessary majority, unless the independent voters decide to do a harakiri by not going to vote, as have always done since 1998.

Here I leave this reflection to them…

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Chavez: The "new" ayatollah

It is a christian (?) socialism, but...

... some bishops in Venezuela side with tirans, exploiters, traitors of Jesus thoughts and works and knife Christ by the back..."

Chavez deserted by fellow general

Raul Baduel, minutes before leaving the Ministry of Defense, made final suggestions to venezuelan "dictator in the making" Hugo Chávez. He recommended in many ways "do not copy the URSS..." (and I presume... Cuba). Has he some support inside the Armed Forces? The truth is that tonight, Chavez looks weaken...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bad milk

We all of us face only a 1 in 25 million annual risk of being hit by a falling airplane, but which is the probability of been killed (while standing on land) by a plane belonging to the same airline a person works for?
That just happened to about 20 people in Sao Paulo...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Barcelona: Moments of terror

La comerciante Susana Zou fue utilizada como escudo por un hombre armado que pretendía huir de la policía tras robar en un supermercado. (Nueva Prensa de Oriente con fotos de Richard Maza y reportaje de Alex Vallenilla)

RCTV is back on the air

Sunday, July 15, 2007

El Tiempo Editorial: Chavez next gol

Look at the colombian daily "El Tiempo" editorial on the next move by Hugo Chávez. No one word wasted...


¿Olé for the beast?

Looking at the bloody state of the animal, I do not know if to be sorry for the matador or to be happy for the beast reaction...

Now the other one...


"Surely not I, Lord?"

In the anniversary of the death of Francisco de Miranda, governor Diosdado Cabello said he agrees with the indefinite election of Hugo Chavez.

Why Diosdado reminds me of Judas?

Juanba and the official truth

One used to think that those things happened elsewhere and in other times. Totalitarianism was an impossible virus in Venezuela. The manufacture of unique and official truths could not have space in this country. But it was not true.

It happens that accidentally I saw the live transmission of the “barretada” yesterday from the UCV Olympic Stadium. Barreto, a civil employee, a mayor of over grown ego, threatening a person of the public, treating to rob his cell phone, applying him corporal punishment in public, humiliating him, as if the citizen was his slave.

The mayor -for shame of all the natives of Caracas- walks accompanied by a herd of young men (if they are not bodyguard, what are they) that attack the indicated victim (at random?) and to two foreign visitors who stepped and declared -without fear- to the excellent SPORT journalist of Globovisión. Both said that they did not know “the fat person in rare dress” and its foreign nationality did not prevent that they were also strike and threatened.

For more offense, the mayor dedicated itself to declare later to mass media that he “was attacked”, although he had to jump about 10 lines of seats to reach “the aggressor”, who turned out to be a well mannered university professor and two solvent seat neighbors. One, an Uruguayan journalist and the other a mature Mexican citizen, who protested that one of the Mayor “valet boys” struck him the head with no justification. He said he was one visitor who came to Venezuela to see foot-ball and did not know “the fat person those rare clothes that attacked us…”

Not happy with the clownish act, the Mayor called the official VTV to begin to create an official version with an unconnected but revolutionary story, to the taste of his twisted psique typical of all Fascist-Leninist over egoed civil servants, without knowledge that the event had been transmitted live and directly by a television channel. When he found out that detail, the Mayor changed his message and he began to lucubrate with a plot or conspiracy that placed “early” TV cameras at “the exact” place where he was going to be at that hour.

What journalist is this that does not know that in a continental sport event, with more than 2,000 international registered correspondents, somebody was to be there with a camera; without counting the tens of cellular phones that must have filmed or photographed the lamentable event from 10 different angles.

How sad is that today the same untruthful version of our wild Mayor appears in the webpage of a national official radio transmitter like an official truth.

With no shame the web page relates that the Great Mayor “was attacked” in the Olympic Stage of Caracas. “Mayor Juan Barreto denounced an irregular situation that he lived Saturday in the Olympic Stadium at the university city, within the framework of the party between Mexico and Uruguay.

The intellectual phantoms that govern at this moment in Venezuela seem to ignore that “this dictatorship”, communist and fascist at the same time, arrived behind schedule, since today average communication technologies do not allow to create “official truths” with impunity.

Situation that would explain the eternal fight of similar authoritarian governments with media in countries like Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador, Belarus, China and other “friends” of the Bolivarian Revolution…

Poor devils, surpassed by reality and history long ago and do not know it yet…

Saturday, July 14, 2007

To invent polls: The real national sport

It is not soccer, not even bases-ball; the national sport is to invent surveys. There are two published today. In the first, Chávez idea of infinite reelection is rejectd by 2/3 of the voters who do not want him after this period.

In the second poll he walks by the clouds. Daily Ultimas Noticias says that 71.1% approves the management of the "great leader" and according to the survey 53.3% thinks that the situation of the country has improved.

Perhaps the reality is in some intermediate point…

Where is the truth now?

Prensa Latina: CELAM qualified as cordial meeting with cuban government officials ( VPs Lage and Lazo). Bishop Baltazar Porras (CELAM VP): happywith "fraternal contacts with all sectors", but according to news flash of Globovisión, venezuelan representatives "left unexpectedly earlier..." Venezuelan Ambassador said it is not true., everyone left because the event finished. Where is the truth now? Not another show, please!

Cuba hits bottom

If the venezuelan constitucionsl king and his electoral tribunal allow it, in a few months you are going to have the posibility of deciding how you want to live in the next decades. Before making a decision take a time to read today EL PAIS work on Raul Castros Cuba. Later no need to say you were deceived...

Source: Cuba toca fondo

We already said it

I am annoying, I know, but I said it long ago. The 24 states of the country will be reduced to eight provinces, according to a “new” territorial project proposed by the Government…

I do not remember when it was the first time that Chavez spoke of reducing the number states or provinces. I believe it was in the Bolivarian Alternative (Giordani’s Fat Book) during the electoral campaign of 1998.

This proposal is no more that a simple copy of the regionalization plan of president Caldera; badly copied of course, like everything carried out by the “nightmare team” that surrounds the great leader.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Contunue nightmare


Continued: (adj.) To be in existence or in a certain state for an indefinitely long time, go on, hold out, persist, stay...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Internet Penetration in South America

This graph shows clearly how close are mean per capita income and Internet penetration.

Cisneros (Venevision) and the return of RCTV

Cisneros said “... many in government and the opposition think that a television channel can be protagonist of the political game. That is not the mission of the television. After the events of April of 2002 and the 2004Recall Referendum, I have been convinced still more that a television channel cannot, nor must take the position of a protagonist of political conflict, no matter how much one favors or is against the government. The position of a partial television channel aids not to solve the conflict but rather to extend it. The lesson is that. That is what it has happened in Venezuela…”

He considers he is a position similar to that of the church, a foreign government, the military or some comfortable entrepreneurs, etc. But polarization no longer is excuse to not reporting what it is really happening in Venezuela. If people shout against Chavez in a just inaugurated stadium of soccer, something must be happening. If a violent group financed by government attacks media or journalists that can not be silenced. If government spends without measure and turns the currency into garbage that must be necessarily said.

True, TV channels must give chance the government to defend itself, but cannot silence everything with the excuse that those complaining are “agents of Yankee imperialism” and many other defamatory offenses.

Mr. Cisneros, Democracy is well defined in the Inter-American Charter, any deviation from it must be denounced by the media so that the population (that in the end is the “owner” radio electric spectrum used by the media) is not confined progressively until there is not Democracy left to defend.Media which do not defend Democracy violate the Constitution and should not be allowed to operate, should not exist. Just like one which incites a civil war, racism o sexism.

On that, Cisneros cannot be neutral…

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

RCTV is here !!!

My city: Maracay


Llano, como yo
Sin papeles de fundación, como yo
Abierto, como yo
Alegre y tranquilo
Lejos y cerca
Maracay, ay

Red Submarine iPod

Only for Chavez friends...

The Yellow Submarine iPod is a limited-edition iPod that comes pre-loaded with all the songs the Beatles ever recorded.
Now the Venezuelan "revolution" is preparing a Red Submarine iPod with all Hugo Chavez endless speeches...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

According to Prof. Maza Zavala

The venezuelan finance minister said today (10 of July 2007) that “there will be no devaluation of the Bolivar nor trims of public spending..."


... the Central Bank exdirector criticized the measures taken recently by the government to try to reduce the inflation, because in his opinion he considers that the government will not be able to fulfill the goal to control it and he esteems that being moderate it will reach not less than 15 percents...

Hugo´s new phase

Intelectuals are writting these days on the bad times Mr. President is having. Internally the asymetrical war is rejected, socialismo is rejected, RCTV closure is rejected, etc. Regionally, Brazil opted to link with Bush no with the antimperialist revolution. Globally, Mr. Presient is seen with every black beast of the internactional scene. His friends include guys like Castro, Hussein, Lukashenko, Mugabe, the Mianmar dictators and the Iranian madman. Only needs to visit North Korea to complete his collection of blood-ball players.

On top of all that, Daily TalCual published yesterday a very sad porfolio or summary which deserves a reading...

Venezuelan Talibans break laws every day

Yesterday the so called “beast of San Carlos" appeared hanged when in safekeeping of the Police. Today a local newspaper publishes the photo of the person hanged at the place where it happened. At first, it seems strange that he is hung towards the outside of the cell, if one assumes that the delinquent was confined. Obvious, somebody wanted to make public “justice” by the exhibition of the corpse.

This scene violates the rights of us all. Not only the right to life of the criminal, but the right of relatives and friends to offer support and defence to the delinquent. These rights were denied by the taliban members of the venezuelan goverment.

Finally, the neighbours of the prison or police centre do not have to witness that wild spectacle of violation of all the human rights consecrated in the Venezuelan Constitution. However uggly criminal acts can be, we must not allow that the population gets used to accepting arbitrary and illegal capital punishments…

Sunday, July 08, 2007

To radicalize in order to survive…
I do not believe that the guy has the required cuture to know and understands the history of Ethiopia and its revolution. Perhaps one of the Castro brothers told it to him. But in Ethiopia the revolution began very moderate and in successive coup d'etats and some homicides it was possible for the comunists to impose the most extremist trends of socialism.

Later other events happened, but that is another history. That mechanism was repeated in the island of Granada but norteamericans invaded in the 80s and stopped the process. I have the imprsión that "our" gorila gorilizes more every day, more with the objective of staying in power and to save his life.

I am speculating but the time will say if I am right…

For Earth & Life

12 Girls BandAFIAIAbingdon Boys SchoolAi OtsukaAkonAlicia KeysAngélique KidjoAnthony WongAyakaBaaba MaalBeastie BoysBlack Eyed PeasBloc PartyBlue King BrownBon JoviBonnie PinkChris CornellCoccoCorinne Bailey RaeCrowded HouseDamien RiceDanny KDave Matthews BandDavid GrayDuran DuranEason ChanEnrique IglesiasEskimo JoeEvonne HsuFall Out BoyFoo FightersGenesisGenki RocketsGhostwritersHuang Xiao MingJack JohnsonJames BluntJan DelayJoeyJohn Butler TrioJohn LegendJohn MayerJorge Ben JorJoss StoneJota QuestJuliKT TunstallKanye WestKasabianKatie MeluaKeaneKeith UrbanKelly ClarksonKennaKumi KodaLenny KravitzLinkin ParkLotto King KarlLudacrisMV BillMacy GrayMadonnaMando DiaoMarcelo D2Maria MenaMarquessMelissa EtheridgeMetallicaMia.Michael NymanMissy HigginsO RappaPaolo NutiniPaul KellyPharrellPu Ba JiaPussycat DollsRazorlightReamonnRed Hot ChiliPeppers Revolverheld RihannaRip SlymeRizeRoger CiceroRoger WatersSamy DeluxeSarah rightmanSashaShakiraSilbermondSmashing PumpkinsSneaky Sound SystemSnoop DoggSnow PatrolSolerSpinal TapStefan GwildisTaking Back SundayTerra NaomiThe ParlotonesThe PoliceThe Soweto Gospel ChoirToni Collette & The FinishUAUB40Vusi MahlaselaWang Chuan JunWang RuiWang Xia OkunWinnie HsinWolfmotherXuxaXzibitYellow Magic OrchestraYusufZola
Sustainable? and it violates all laws!!!
The venezuelan president ordered the building of an "environmentallysustainable" city; but is it? Built in a totally irregular way (see foto), this project violates many national enviromental regulations and universal comon sense rules too. The "new" socialist city is located on top of a mountian. It will consist of tens of old fashion moscovite high rise residential towers located on unstable slopes, with no local water sources and no jobs for future residents. A real dissater in the making which is presented as a "revolution in urbanism..."
Has everyone gona mad today?
Venezuelan Editor goes nuts
Pro-government daily"Ultimas Noticias" editor prints and signs a "rumor" in his OpEd page. Disrgarding all evidence he tells his readers that "rich" venezuelans want bridges to fall and terrrorist to attack. The guy must have gone mad, nuts, crazy... loco!!!

Here it is the original text in spanish: "En algunas urbanizaciones del Este y del sureste de Caracas... la misma gente que "deseaba" que los trabajos del viaducto se retrasaran, que se produjera un derrumbe o una explosión, que cargaban la bandera al revés y que todavía "apuestan a un acto de terrorismo" en la Copa América..."

Eleazar, boy, run to see a psiquiatrist, please!!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Buuuu.... Eva got marrried...

Church rejects secretive constitutional reform
In a change of direction the church is denouncing the totalitarian fascist-leninist future hiden in the constitutional reform. The church asks for an open dialogue, transparency and respect.

"... los temas ventilados por la opinión pública como contenidos de los cambios constitucionales y, sobre todo, la forma misma del proceso de su elaboración, que no acoge suficientemente el espíritu de participación exigido por la Constitución, arrojan serias dudas sobre el talante democrático de la reforma constitucional. Diferentes decisiones oficiales, como el lema impuesto “Patria, socialismo o muerte” y declaraciones del Presidente y de voceros del gobierno hacen suponer que esta reforma se dirige hacia el establecimiento de un sistema socialista fundado en la teoría y la praxis del marxismo-leninismo. La pobreza, el desempleo, la falta de vivienda, la carencia en los hospitales, los deficientes servicios públicos, niños de la calle, ancianos sin atención, continúan siendo verdaderos problemas sociales. Otro problema es la violencia, que en nuestro país ha crecido exageradamente: los delitos contra la vida y la propiedad, el sicariato o asesinato por encargo, los secuestros, la extorsión conforman un cuadro de inseguridad, que especialmente en las grandes ciudades y en la frontera con Colombia, ha alcanzado niveles alarmantes..."

The church authorities reject the marxist-leninist character of the "chavist" project for Venezuela. In an "Exhortación Apostólica de la Plenaria de la Conferencia Episcopal Venezolana" the church points out that "no respect, no dialogue" and that "the president has not right to insult anyone..."

Complete church text (spanish) at:

Minister of Interior made fun of the church "exhortación"...