Friday, August 31, 2007

Asian series deserve better treatment

I think Venezuelans are missing good dramatic and funny series and movies produced in Asia. The list is long, including hundreds of Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese and Hong Kong products. There are many historical series of great visual value too, not every thing is empty entertainment... RCTV which is in a money saving mode should ride the ASIAN WAVE and show some of these series in Latin America. The posted photo is from "Story of Love in Harvard", a 16 episodes thriller embedded in a funny and flicky love story which at times touches some fibers in me as a young foreign student in the LATE 70S and EARLY 80s...

Which will come about earlier?

Sadly for Mr. Chavez the currency crisis could happen first...

Thursday, August 30, 2007


To dismay, to dare, to be furious,
rough, tender, liberal, aloof,
encouraged, mortal, deceased, alive,
loyal, treasonous, cowardly and inspired:

not to find good center and rest outside,
to be cheerfull, sad, humble, arrogant,
angered, brave, fugitive,
satisfied, victim, distrustful:

to turn the face to clear disapointment
to drink poison for soft licor,
to forget the benefit, to love the damage:

to think that the sky in a hell fits;
to give to life and soul to disappointment,
¡this is love! who tastes knows it.

Lope de Vega

Dam floods the town of S.J. de Guaribe

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Revolution is to produce energy from excrements

Ceresole said this...

“Personally I am convinced that president Chávez will have to finish pulverizing, in a term of relatively short time, to the old and corrupt Venezuelan political system and to practically all the institutions that articulated it in “the democratic” time of the Punto Fijo. It means that the circumstances that are approaching will force him to assume - of a more and more explicit way - a personal leadership on the totality of the Venezuelan process. The internal events will force it (and not only symbolically) to take to the military uniform with every time greater frequency, because only a “civic-military party” will be able to act with effectiveness - already it is acting like situation de facto - between the leader and the mass…”

"Personalmente estoy convencido de que el presidente Chávez deberá terminar de pulverizar, en un plazo de tiempo relativamente corto, al viejo y corrupto sistema político venezolano y a prácticamente todas las instituciones que lo articularon en el tiempo "democrático" del Pacto de Punto Fijo. Ello significa que las circunstancias que se avecinan lo obligarán a asumir - de una manera cada vez más explícita - un liderazgo personal sobre la totalidad del proceso venezolano. Los acontecimientos internos lo obligarán (y no sólo simbólicamente) a llevar el uniforme militar con cada vez mayor frecuencia, porque sólo un "partido" cívico-militar podrá actuar con eficacia - ya está actuando como situación de facto - entre el líder y la masa..."

Discovered Pinky and Brain Plan to conquest the world

Newspaper ABC (Paraguay) published today a 21 pages document describing P&B Plan to conquest the world. Click here to see the ultrasecret plan:

II Seoul Drama Awards

The 2nd Ed. of the Seoul Drama Awards presented its top prizes to TV works from Japan, China and South Korea. Beijing JC&AL's "The Great Revival" took home the prize for best drama series, Fuji TV's " Nodame Cantabile" won for best miniseries and KBS's "A Dwarf Launches a Small Ball" took the short drama award. Australian entry "Mortified" won in the juvenile drama category, and a special jury award was presented to Bavaria Media GmbH's drama " Can" from Germany.

An international jury headed by Larry Gershman, chairman of the Emmy Committee, chose the awards from a total 130 submissions from 32 countries. The awards presentation ceremony was held on Tuesday in KBS Hall in Seoul.

Infinite reelection is not popular in the Americas

The Governments representative of 80% of the continent population have already said NO to Chavez infinite reelection; whereas one countries favorable to that autocratic madness do not reach a 15% of the population of the continent. We are speaking of 700 million saying NO and some 100 million saying YES. A remaining 5% would propbably stay as indefined, unless they are forced to spea out and loud by the OAS...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Venezuelan biggest GNP contribuiters

PS: As shown in an internet foro. Note that "gross" in Spanish can be translated as "BRUTO"...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Bank of The Sun

"... those who would send the millions... would be (venezuelan) civil employees... and the receiver would be the Banco del Sol (Bank of the Sun). This financial organization is bound to do businesses with controversial millionaire president of Gymnastics Esgrima of La Plata the Silver, Jose Muñoz, who in addition to heading the bank would advice economically a house of change in the provincial capital. It is an small bank but (apparently) it has a branch in Caracas, another one in the Buenos Aires City and other one in Río Gallegos, the native city of president Néstor KIrchner, whose surroundings would have promoted its radicación in the south…"


6 hours now!

A sligthly intelligent Venezuelan business class would adopt FREE FRIDAYS every two weeks INMEDIATLY, lowering the weekly work time to 36 hours and making the workers free to vote against the NEO DICTATOR worst proposals...


I treated this subject some time ago, now it is world news:

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Is Franceschi rigth too?

Have a look to his extensive text on the new situation created by the new (¿reformed?) venezuelan (¿cuban?) constitution:

The "adecos" were right

The adecos said it exactly one year ago and nobody thought we were at the doors of “constitutional totalitarianism”. Professor Garrido, Professor Muñoz and journalist Rafael Poleo also insinuated it often, but the adecos take the prize for exactitude. Among other things, I remember Ramos Allup said:
  1. Life presidency.
  2. The president will be able “to rob” (confiscate) private property.
  3. They will increase “the privated” businesses with the public property.
  4. Many vice presidents.
  5. New 8 provinces.
  6. The chosen governors surpassed by “federal governors”.
  7. Unpleasant civil employees, will be destituible. (Mayor L. Lopez and Gov. of Zulia)
  8. Xenophobia will be legalized.
  9. The horrible face of the fascismo will be shown.
  10. They will deny journalists the secret of its sources.
  11. They will eliminate the autonomy of the university. (Manifestations stopped it, so far)
  12. Stalinista imposition by electoral fraud and/or use of troops.

Google Church 10 Comandments

  1. You will not use another finder in vain.
  2. You will not create other web search motors.
  3. You will not use Google name in vain.
  4. You will use every day to know the stranger.
  5. You will honor the rest of humans.
  6. You will not write incorrectly.
  7. You will not create hotlinks.
  8. You will not plagiarize.
  9. You will not participate in purchase/sale of liks.
  10. You will not manipulate the search reasult.

Note: This list was plagiarized from another blog.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fidel Castro said it, not me

In 1953, Castro was put under the justice of its country by a rebellion act of which he was the ringleader. During the tial, the young Castro assumed his self-defense and justified himself by saying: “The right of rebellion against the despotism, magistrates, has been recognized, from the most distant antiquity to the present, by men of all the doctrines, all the ideas and all the beliefs. In the teocráticas monarchies of the most remote Chinese antiquity, it was practically a constitutional principle that when the king governed very despotically clumsy it was demoted and replaced by a virtuous prince…”

Y never guess

Imperialists the others, not me

During a severe Bolivian political crisis, the government of Venezuela sends six million dollars to the Armed Forces of Bolivia and he directly pays them to accounts opened by Morales for each benefitted military unit…

Only for filthy rich Boligarchs

Not a Hummer, they need a BUFFALO...

And for that, there is always CITGO-CARD

Chavez copying on Mao

Monday, August 20, 2007

Two stars

Be careful with your tummy

It could be a sign of future heart problem...


Making politics with human tragedy in Peru

Tuna cans are being distributes to earthquke victims in Péru (by the way, outside the official Civil Defense circuit) with Chavez and a peruvian ex presidential candidate images printed on the can.

What a terrible way to practice politics, playing with people needs. Shame on them both!!!

Does someone knows something I do not know?

Venezuela's Missiles Threaten America...
By Noah Shachtman August 17, 2007 4:36:20 PM
Er, I mean, they would threaten America -- if there were any. Take it away, Amy Butler: During an Aug. 14 briefing here at the Army's Space and Missile Defense Command's annual conference, Pam McCue, director of the MSIC [Missiles and Space Intelligence Center], added the oil-rich nation of Venezuela to an oft-recited watch list of nations possessing, selling or seeking weapons technology that could threaten the United States or its allies if proliferated.
The usual suspects include North Korea, China, Russia, India, Pakistan, and Syria. Venezuela, however, is the only one of those nations in short range of the United States homeland. It also appears to be the only one without the missiles - at least for now.

McCue said the South American nation has ties with major missile developers, but they've yielded nothing yet in terms of technology transfer that her intelligence experts could ascertain. "But, there is a lot of concern" because of Venezuela's discussions with nations that are eager to sell ballistic missile technology, she said.

Why would Venezuela attack the US?
Posted by: Nick Valenzuela Aug 17, 2007 3:44:11 PM

Venezuela needs to get nuclear missiles ASAP
It's the only way your Iraqi rapper, Zionist loving criminal government will stop fucking with us. As we see it, if we are armed you won't mess with as proven with North Korea, the US only bully weak countries which they know can't defend themselves. We wait and see if the Zionist who rules the white house will force you to go after Iran. Our hands are on the oil tap, the minute you attack our friend in Persia we will close the oil tap to you. American citizens need to kick out the Zionists who are trying to rule the world.
Posted by: Palomudo
Aug 17, 2007 3:49:56 PM

Antonini in Miami: Singing like a litle bird

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The 100 houses of Chavez in Jamaica

Old Harbour Bay residents and police clash
Sunday, 19 August 2007 - The police are now at the scene of a major disturbance in Old Harbour Bay, St. Catherine. Residents and the police reportedly clashed a few minutes ago. It is reported that persons broke into unoccupied houses which were constructed by the Venezuelan Government for the victims of Hurricane Ivan. The police were called to remove persons in the houses but there was some resistance. Several persons then damaged a service vehicle and blocked sections of the road leading to the Jamaica Public Service Company Old Harbour Bay Plant.

ONR relocation exercise to begin next month
By JIS News, Jamaica - Tue, 7 Feb 2006 - The relocation exercise, for residents of Hurricane-damaged communities in St. Catherine and Clarendon, will begin as early as next month. Speaking further, he observed that, “through the efforts of the Jamaican government and the generosity of the Republic of Venezuela, that republic has built 25 houses in Brighton and is constructing 75 houses in Bourksfield, Old Harbour Bay.” The Senator expressed appreciation to the Venezuelan government for their assistance in the reconstruction process, and also noted that the ONR has had its life extended beyond its December 2005 completion date to February 2006 “to enable it to complete its work in the housing and educational areas and wind-up its operations.”

Old Harbour Bay Housing Project to Begin by Month End
MAY PEN (JIS) Tuesday, July 26, 2005 - Ground has been broken in the Old Harbour Bay community of St. Catherine for the construction of a new housing scheme by the Office of National Reconstruction (ONR) in partnership with the Government of Venezuela, to relocate 120 persons who were severely affected by Hurricane Ivan last September. The ground-breaking ceremony took place on Thursday (July 21) in the Bourkesfield area of Old Harbour Bay.

Rio de Janeiro: 10,464 persons disapeared

Like in Caracas, droga mafias impose state of emergency to favela (rancho) dwelers for years. Just like here, democracy (representative or socialist) does not climb the city hills where the poor lives.

I do not see the difference...

ALEXA says I am wrong

ND keeps more visited than its main competitor. The decline is in the number of bloggers and blog posts which mention ND. (It is measured by the IceRocket counter).

Fear in bloggers of being prosecuted by the government doggy police or parapolicial groups?

Or just division among oposition after the badly digested failure od December 2006?

Who knows?

"OLD" PDVSA workers miss the target

Old PDVSA workers called for a protest against corruption in their old company and did not get much public support. With their natural leaders outside Venezuela and the bad image cultivated by the government propaganda machine, they will not solve their personal problem (savings, job, houses, etc) by mean of general public protests agains a phenomena which common people always suspected was there, inside PDVSA.

The so called "black box" of today Chavez´s PDVSA was present too in the "old" PDVSA and most common people resents that.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Then and now

Venezuela country risk: High again

There are many services that measure country risk. But Bloomberg Channel (which is known by everyone with cable or Directv) says that Venezuela has the biggest risk in Latin America.

Check other risk evaluation services if you wish: Bank of America World Information Services, Business Environment Risk Intelligence (BERI) S.A., Control Risks Information Services (CRIS), Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Euromoney, Institutional Investor, Standard and Poor's Rating Group, International Country Risk Guide (ICRG), Coplin-O'Leary Rating System and Moody's Investor Services.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Venezuela: Constitutional Reform

My opinion (and I will write no more on the subject)
This proposal of constitutional reform so poorly written, with missing paragraphs or located in the wrong articles, treating subjects more appropriate for laws or simple decrees of much smaller juridical level, details unnecessary, rhetorical kitsch, badly digested concepts, badly elaborated definitions, Leninist soviets, changes in basic constitutional concepts like the one of the “participative democracy” by one so called “socialist democracy” that require a Constituent Assembly, the occupation of the private property before the compensation is legally solved in court and a few more silly things, force to me to say that more than a Communist, Mr. Chavez is a simple, uninformed autocrat. Therefore, having read the text, I will wait calmly for the day to vote NO against this threat to good Spanish, without much discussion with my chavecistas friends (who I happen to have many), because I deeply believe that the author of that incomplete high school text is going to defeat himself, even if he commits a technical fraud and “approves” the text.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Without surprise

Exactly a month ago an editorial of the Time of Bogota stated that: “When the America Glass of soccer culminates, whose end will be tomorrow in Maracaibo, president Hugo Chavez will announce his next political goal: a constitutional reform that will allow the indefinite re-election of the President of the Republic and some additional norms that will screw still more the figures of Chávez and the chavismo to the executive authority…”

Source: “The next goal of Chávez”, 14 of Julio of 2007.

Venezuela and surrealist "democracy"

President Hugo Chavez delivering a key address in which he was expected "to argue" for reforms to allow him to be re-elected indefinitely, started by threatening everyone remmembering that his "revolución está armada" and "lets no one to forget it..."

PDVSA: Disinformation (II)

Aeroparque suitcase suspect, Diego Uzcátegui, presented his resignation to its position in PDVSA and Rafael Ramirez accepted the resignation. The news will be "in the freezer " to avoid shading out the President "reform" show...

Chavez Fleeing forwards

A suitcase full of Constitutions

Tuesday, August 14, 2007



Boludos and Gilipollas without limit

The General Public Prosecutor
“… the investigation we have opened it, fundamentally because… in addition that the Office of the public prosecutor “has the obligation” to do it… “they have been pronounced asking for this investigation, I understand that by instructions of president Chávez, the minister of Finances and the vice-president of our National Assembly… until “we had not initiated it now inasmuch as we did not have any material element that seriously allowed to open it us to try to clarify the facts…”

Easy for a rock faced li ke him
“Kirchner is asking a "strong gesture of Chávez", since it aspires to that it separates the vice-president of Pdvsa, Diego Uzcategui Matheus, whose son Daniel Uzcategui Speech, invited the Venezuelan industralist to travel in the flight in which were civil employees of both countries…” They forget that Daniel Uzcategui´s son is a boy of hardly 18 years of age. How is he going to invite an old, millionaire in one trip of thousands of kilometers far from his its country?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Other people's pain

(... o pena ajena...)

Chavez "one party state" to the Goulag

Suitcase with $$$ (Chapter 100)

If by the Venezuelan government were, there will be 100 chapters more. In its editorial, Tal Cual of today adds to the saga of the suitcase these two pearls:

1. Exchange
“With cynical self-confidence Julio De Vido has declared the Venezuelan government must present excuses. With great tranquillity. He, poor victim. The bad ones are the Venezuelans. Nothing knew. By all means, the Argentine crooks have one counterpart in Venezuela, no doubts... but we do not believe that ... Vido and much less Uberti (known gangstesr of the Kirchner team) did not have idea of who was their plane companions..."

2. Pedro the indescribable minpopopintjus minister
Carreño says, with the same face with which she informed into the death of Montesinos: “I do not understand which is the communicational scandal because a citizen went with a suitcase... except for the 800 thousand dollars in the suitcase, all the rest is “normal”. No reason to make a “scandal communicational... that the airplane made the stop at the airport of Santa Cruz and there Antonini would have gathered the suitcase..."

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Full House 2: Coming soon?

Asian blogs said today that a new series (Part 2) of Full House is in its way. I hope it is true and that this time venezuelan tv shows it. I had to watch part one of FH bit by bit by YouTube.

Teflon politician

Some venezuelans used to spend the country money without any control, believe a case full of dollars is not important. May be they are right. Initially, Hugo Chavez went rapidly down, Kirchner upwards and Antonini nearly a celebrity. Today, Chavez has gone back to his old standing.

The dream of the patriarch

Today the press published that new branch PDVSA Industry will consist of holding 50%-50% with all the contractors and suppliers that serve to him to the oil industry…

He would control 50% of all gains of everything and could appropriate with taxes the other 50%.

With this proposal (of 7 branchs in oil and non oil areas) that progresively could be extended to other sectors of the economy, the autocrat would complete his dream to exclude and annihilate all that does not flatter him.

The autocrat (he will say that it is the State, but the State is HIM) would control all the oil, mining , heavy industry, construction, education, medicine, technological services, public transport, services and in the end the wholesale commerce. Retailing is not needed.

All the population would be nailed to its will…

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Chavez´s war games can go sour

Do we have the government we deserve?

Bikinies induce rapes, according to the Carabobo Province regional government ad.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Gods also make mistakes

Superman was a KGB

Venezuelan New Communications Policy

N.E.C. is the venezuelan government "new" communications policy. In creole, it means "do not give any explanation" or "No Expliques un Coño"...

The Atonini Effect in Internet

Antonini is the "bag carrier" of cought infragganti at the Buenos Aires Aeropark airport with 800.000 US Dolar extracted (¿ilegally?) from Venezuela. He descended from a private plane with 7 high argentinian and venezuelan public servants. One was fired by president Kirschner.
Meanwhile, Chavez keeps himself looking in other direction...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ibsen Martinez wrote on a man and a bag

Another man, another bag, another time but the same Venezuela...

"Un tipo así se asocia en todo tipo de negociados "
"Un tipo que sabe decir «vámonos, que el pescuezo no retoña» no se molesta en borrar sus huellas y puede muy bien dejar olvidada una incriminadora maleta repleta hasta las congas de dólares robados. Un sujeto así ordena que un sicario viaje a Barranquilla para dar muerte a un inconforme y joven oficial de nuestro ejército. Un tipo así convoca un plebiscito y se hace el loco cuando lo pierde. Un «patriota» así puede ser tan ruin como para permitir en la hora once que un fugitivo de la justicia argentina, llamado Juan Domingo Perón, torture e interrogue personalmente a los resistentes cautivos. A un tipo así había que desalojarlo del poder a costa de mucha sangre..."

(Ibsen Martinez sobre el General del Ejercito Forjador de Libertades Marcos Perez Jimenez)

GUMBALL 3000: Team 77 (Venezuela)

Alejandro Antonini, Venezuelan
Franklin Duran, Venezuelan
2004 Ferrari 360 Spider F1

Information or Disinformation?

According to government channel 8…
“… the mysterious subject that tried to enter Argentina US$ 800,000 being made happen through member of the court of President Hugo Chavez would be in fact, according to VTV show La Hojilla, an industralist Venezuelan of last name Antonini, of 46 years, proprietor of a company of refreshments in La Victoria and recognized "antichavista", that would live in Caracas, and be tied to the Venoco company and with Pedro Carmona, Perez Recao and an industralist called Pedro Guerrero owner of a company of war material called Harmor Holding…”

But the bag guy or a relative of the same name has an expensive red Ferrari with a side sticker of "Ahora Venezuela es de todos" (Now, Venezuela belongs to all)

All who? All the thieves?

Monday, August 06, 2007

XXI Century McCarthysm

Today, the daily Tal Cual editorial points out that "EVA" has become the SUPER-SAPA of the 21st Century. Their crime: To attend to improvement courses in the USA, financed by some american foundations disliked by international communism. The equivalent of McCarthy but in a foreign country. Have a look at Eva´s list of accused journalists.
An ugly rol for Eva, to say the least!!!

Wow faty !!!

Venezuelan Defense Minister: "War is something global; in other times it manifested as physical agrsion, but now it is an intelectual thing... We are at war because there is a process of transculturization and schools to destroy governance..."

Venezuela: UFO or B2?