Sunday, September 30, 2007

Venezuelan engineers say

Maintenance in zero
Very little advance in this matter since in all the country the maintenance of great infrastructure works is little or none.

There is no maintenance culture
In the government a culture of “nonmaintenance” of works exists and this became serious years in the last, perhaps because some people who had that as their work were dedicated to other things.

What it is not seen
Barely 10% of the structures have received some maintenance, not indeed the recommendable one. The deterioration is not so simple to detect, nobody reviews if there is corrosion in the case of the metalists.

The bridges
Smaller works, nothing else. For that reason we see bridges that with a simple shock come down and other that fall by effect of rains and the swellings of the water obstacles.

It is not possible to live like that
In the matter of housing the song is the same. Near 95% of the houses constructed by the Plan Bolivar 2000 are in the last state of deterioration or have serious problems.

Everything is not negative
“They finished Caruachi, they are beginning Tocoma and already mixed plants in the $andes are being gotten up and are finalizing Uribante - Caparo. It would be to solve problems of the distribution and the maintenance of the network…”

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Venezuela: Government lies on production levels

OPEC September 2007 Report

Venezuela crude oil production is only
2.358.000 barrels/day.

Not 3.000.000 b/d officials want us to believe...

Other April 11, but all RED

This time both -Police and Protesters- were all RED chavistas...

Money Order War

There is a war going on between the USA, Venezuela and Iran.. but it is a $$ & CHEQUES war. The three governmentes compete for the favour of poorer countries with money & gifts. I suspect USA will win this new war since they have the deepest pocket of all !!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Bs.F. means Bolivars of Fidel

Is it illegal to kiss someone on the cheek?

Shilpa Shetty was arrested!!! Now we know what you are thinking another Bollywood star going to jail, but honestly this one is just plain LUDICROUS. Shilpa was at a Mumbai Airport about to board a plane to perform her musical ‘Miss Bollywood’ in Berlin, when she was bombarded by immigration officials who CLAIMED she was still wanted for obscenity charges for the Richard Gere kiss incident.

I only wonder myself, what is more obscene a kiss in the chick by two perfoming actors in one public stage or those children (see photo) begging in the streets of Calcuta?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Burma: Other dictatorship leaves the stage

Virtual languages?

The languages of small but rich countries have more presence in Internet than languages spoken by great masses of people with smaller income. Will these languages of smaller presence in the network disapear in lets say 100 years? It would be interesting to know it…

English: 56,4%

German: 7,7%

French: 5,6%

Japanese: 4,9%

Spanish: 3,0%

Chinese: 2,4%

Italian: 2,0%

Dutch: 1,9%

Russian: 1,7%

Korean: 1,5%

Portuguese: 1,5%

Swedish: 0,7%

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Show me the money?

Three american have won more than one Billion US $ every year of their adult life.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Please, Bolivarians, do not visit me

The fanatics of the government threaten to visit 5 million homes to debate “the new” communist Constitution. In view of whath has happened in the DEMOCRATIC debates by TV, where those who think different are removed violently from he room, I am conceited that if they arrive at my home and I say something that they do not want to hear, surely they will remove me with "carajazos" from my house, well, mine so fa.


What a President

While street crime kills 100 people every weekend, the "serious" Venezuelan president spent 8 hours last sunday talking in 8 TV state channels about... Barbie and Ken...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mila Dysa

DirecTv or DeadTv

Our government uses children needs as excuse to prevent TV news services from showing the terrible every day reality of the poor urban areas, but children look "direct and live" the worst scenes in their way to and from school.

Good Look


Today we are taking Korean Cinema as the benchmark
If one disregards comedies, action and terror films, all time 30 TOP BOX OFFICE KOREAN FILM and all time Critics Selections are very similar.

On gross dollar terms BOX OFFICE FOR TOP 12 FILMS is 96 milion US Dollars and dramas (widely preferred by critics) represent only 40% of tha box office, meanwhile the rest of the genres share together 60% divided in 3 equal proportions:

Ø CINEMA: 95.959.639 - 100%

Ø DRAMA: 38.013.466 - 40%

Ø COMEDY: 20.740.398 - 22%

Ø TERROR: 19.921.774 - 21%

Ø ACTION: 17.284.000 - 18%

My humble conclusions are:

  1. Public know best than critics think or publicly concede.
  2. Public spend 60% in comedies, terror and action films.
  3. Critics should learn to evaluate the intrinsic values of comedies, terror and even action films.
  4. Since the object of life is To Be Happy, if critics do not follow this recommendation they would not be carrying out their social duties to the most.
  5. If critics learn the intrinsic values of all types of movies, filmmakers, the public and the critics themselves WILL BE HAPPIER.




1. The Host - $ 13.019.740 (2006) TERROR

2. The King and The Clown – 12.302.831 (2005) DRAMA

3. Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of war – 11.746.135 (2004)

4. Silmido – 11.074.000 (2003) ACTION

5. Friend – 8.134.500 (2001)

· #2 | friend - starring jang dong gun amongst a group of four friends. he too is one of the finer actors in Korea and is often seen as the chow yun fat of Korean cinema.

6. Welcome To Dongmakgol – 8.008.622 (2005)

· #6 | welcome to dongmakgol- it's difficult to call this a straight comedy.

7. D-War (D-War) – 6.902.034 (2007) TERROR

8. Tazza: The High Rollers – 6.847.777 (2006) COMEDY

9. 200 Pounds Beauty – 6.619.498 (2006) COMEDY

10. Shiri – 6.210.000 (1999)

· #3 Shiri- the oldest film (1999) on this list.

11. My Boss, My Teacher - 6,105,431 (2006) COMEDY

12. JSA Joint Security Area – 5.830.000 (2000)

· #5 Joint Security Area- The tragedy of the Korean War and the repercussions of that war is prominent in Korean pain.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Does it matter or not?


Consultores 21: 2/3 against the reform

Only abstentionism or fraud could allow Chavez to win this time.

Chavez lossing reform campaign


Hugo Chavez: Master of Time and Truth

Two newspapers bring today comments on our ego-narcisit president. THE INDEPENDENT (England) jokes with the time uncertainty of the traveler comming to Venezuela next week; while "EL NACIONAL" (Caracas) jokes with the President habit of reversing guilt to everyone else but himself.

David Usborne in The Independent
(Versión en castellano de Noticias24)
“Bienvenidos a Caracas y gracias por volar con Chávez Air. La hora es… (una pausa, una risa, una garganta que se aclara)… la hora es… no estamos seguros. Por favor muevan sus minuteros media hora hacia adelante. En realidad, no, perdonen, muévanlos media hora hacia atrás. Gracias..."

Editorial of "EL NACIONAL" (
"... a orillas del río Amazonas, el Presidente de la República habló con la prensa y dijo sentirse ofendido y maltratado en su dignidad por el retardo parlamentario que se ha dado en los países del sur con respecto al ingreso de Venezuela al pacto integracionista del Mercosur..."

Nice View

Monday, September 17, 2007

Venezuela: 2 opinion polls

73% approves Hugo Chávez.
Hinterlaces: 37% approves "new" Comunist Constitution.
My obvious conclusion: The Chavez Forever plan is REJECTED by 1 of every 2 "chavistas".
¿Or not?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Aldemaro Romero (1928-2007)

Valencia, Venezuela. Marzo 12, 1928

Caracas, Venezuela. Septiembre 15, 2007

... and 100 years on december the 2nd

How much for Zapata?

Al Qaeda pays for others to kill cartoonist

The leader of al Qaeda in Iraq offered money for the murder of a Swedish cartoonist who recently produced images deemed insulting to Islam, according to a statement carried by Islamist Web sites Saturday: "We are calling for the assassination of cartoonist Lars Vilks who dared insult our Prophet, peace be upon him, and we announce a reward during this generous month of Ramadan of $100,000 for the one who kills this criminal..."

Venezuela: Becoming like China?

"Yang Xiaoqing, a journalist known from his work against corruption, has been convicted for blackmain, the Financial Times reports. Even the courts must have doubts, the paper writes, as they gave him one year jail time, while he could have gotten ten years. The charges were "driven by local politicians..."

This reads very much like the "Reporte de la Economía" journalist case, accused of BLACKMAIL because of denouncing CORRUPTION in PDVSA. The charges were made by regime people interested in silencing the press...

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Say NO to the Most Foolish Reform of a Constitution

13 communist lies

1. Communists hate the money and dream about working for free.

2. Capitalism produces monsters like Godzila and King Kong.

3. Infantile mortality is smaller in Cuba than in the USA.

4. Communists do know to handle the nuclear energy.

5. Communist Russia never invaded anybody.

6. Comunism brings freedom and progress.

7. Young people are freer under Comunism.

8. Unions are freer under Comunism.

9. Communists saved life in this planet.

10. Comunism and Terrorism are incompatible.

11. Where Comunism arrives, abundance also arrives.

12. Comunism is the Dictatorship of the People.

13. Comunism is invincible.

Venezuela: the reform divides the “revolution”

BBC World says: The reform to the Constitution has begun to generate fractures between old allies of the chief “… we dod not need guabinosos nor double faced…”, while the National Assembly hurries to approve the text, party PODEMOS saved its vote arguing of the “doubtful” spirit of the reform project. Chavez ended qualifying them as hypocrites”, “fariseos and until the perhaps more terrible one of opponents”...

Monday, September 10, 2007

My way to work (part one)

My way to work (part two)

My way home

Pinky´s Plan for Bolivia

Chavez Secret Plan is a copy of that of Che Guevara Plan of forty years ago: “un Vietnam, dos Vietnam, tres Vietnam… diez Vietnam…”

I remember The Falklans war and just have to smile...

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The surnames of Venezuelans

The Venezuelan "revolutionaries" are taking a dangerous road when they start discriminating and aparthaiting people
by reason of color or surnames. The image posted here shows the case of just one family, with 6 generations in Venezuela, which still keeps spanish names between all its descendants.

Are these people to lose their Venezuelan nationality because none of them is black, indian or mestizo and none of them named a son Guacaipuro or Tamanaco?

I know many Venezuelans, including public figures, who use foreign names like
Lenin, Stalin, Jomeini or Hanoi. Are these acceptable Venezuelan names? By the way, LUCENA is a Spanish surname from the region of ANDALUCIA.

Tibisay, please, s
ay something now!!!

Ameliach BUJARIN

From EL UNIVERSAL: "... desautorizados y abandonados. Mandaron largo a paseo los apoyos recibidos, para, finalmente, terminar desdiciéndose, arrepentidos tal vez, y humillados. Ayer eran dirigentes reconocidos; hoy, han sido convertidos (por el presidente) en figuras menores, dóciles para la autocrítica y el recule...."

Ameliach is the first publicly humiliated high level figure of this regime. Like Bujarin in 1938, under Stalin despotic rule, he went to the media to make a self criticism and in the process to attack the other deputies who earlier supported him (Varela y Tascón). I was left with the feeling that if we are patient enough we will have the opportunity to be witnesses of the creation of the first tropical Gulag...

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Where is Bolivia´s autodetermination left?

“Venezuela cannot but to put at the service of Bolivia (...) Evo, we are here squared like soldiers before Bolivia...” said Chávez when receiving in Caracas his personal friend Evo Morales and getting involved in Bolivian local politics accusing one side he called "the Bolivian oligarchy" of “sabotaging” the Bolivian constituent assembly.

As a foreign president, the internal Bolivian situation is none of his bussines. This time the guy is doing the same mistake he criticises the americans for...

I ignored this...

I did not read this interview by Brave Douglas...

DB: "The old left was transformed into the new right and far from building a new society that leaves the neoliberalism back, the veteran accuses Hugo Chavez to make specific one of the greatest feats in the history of the humanity: to construct Capitalism in name of the socialism."

DB: "The old left turned the new right. Twenty-five years after catching to the lieutenant colonel for the revolution, the old guerrilla sees today in the government an old left turned the new right. Avanzamos towards a dictatorship? - If those elements occur that already are being caused, it is going to have the serious attempt because the right that is governing goes towards the authoritarianism."

DB: "Venezuela has fallen in love twice in history: The people fell in love with Chávez and it fell in love before with Democratic Action. The love for AD lasted almost 50 years. This one is going to wear away more rapidly."

Alexander Daily Botía */ (Venezuela) - 23/07/07

Stupidity at large

Although the president said that no on eis going to change a letter and if he has to he will do it without touching any of the central ideas such as the eternal presidency and the limitless and uncontrolled power; there are people around trying to disinform (?) and to make it more palatable, manipulatively inventing that it is going to be possible to consider in the "reform" aspects that the president did not include in his proposal. Take care that stupidity is walking loose, it is harmful for your health and sometimes it can be mortal.

FAB officer captured with cocaine in Brazil

Venezuelan revolutionary military woman was detained in an airport in Brazil, carrying about 2 pounds of cocaine dissolved in bottles of shampoo. She would take it to Europe, where it would be decanted and processeed. Saddly she is just another example of the NEW military which walk our streets, armed and holding political and econmic power. Poor country...

Friday, September 07, 2007

Secret extracts from Bin Laden´s video

"Praise to Allah and Chavez and his law of retaliation in kind: "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and the killer is killed..." I am talking to you about important matters that concern you [chavists], so give me your ears...

I start these matters by talking about the war between Chavez and the US and some of its repercussions on us and on you. As a prelude, I say that the USA has the biggest economic power and has the most powerful and most modern military arsenal and spends on this war and its army more than the world spends on its armies...

And it is the major country that influences the policies of the world as if the unjust veto right is exclusive to it. In spite of all that, with the help of Chavez and God, 19 young men managed to take its compass off-course. The talk about the mujahideen has even become an indivisible part of your leader's talk. The effects and implications of this are no secret...

You permitted The Devil (Bush) to complete his first term, and stranger still, chose him for a second term, which gave him a clear mandate from you - with your full knowledge and consent - to continue to murder our people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba Korea and Venezuela...

There are two solutions to stopping it. One is from our side, and leave Chavez for life inthe presidency of the emirate of Venezuela in order to escalate the killing against the oppositors to 21st Century Socialism. This is our duty, and our chavist brothers are carrying it out. The second solution is from your side. I invite you to embrace chavism..."

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Another socialist, illegal, inconstitucional decree

Will be that the Goverment is going to withdraw the reform by referendum? They must know that voters are against it in a 70%, the party is being divided before being born, the new rich boligarchs are going to betray them and that the military and the students are “in something”?

Absurdity. Defocusing. They must know it, therefore today nonsense is a Real Decree that satifyes the whim of the Monarch “to transform the model of capitalist economy, by a model of socialist economy…” The Decree is the N° 5,545, published in the Official Newspaper Number 38,757 of the 29 of August of 2007.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Now I understand...

... why corruption is being erased by the BOLIGARCHS from the "new" constitutional text. How good is to be rich...

Saturday, September 01, 2007

¿Original? design

Talking properly or property

Balseros: Venezuelans already practicing

Happy rich traveller

Government violates the laws every day

President Chavez dictated a Decree in the year 2006 where he talks about the construction in Venezuela of a so called "socialist society" which is not mentioned even once in the 1999 Constitution; therefore, the Decree is invalid to all ends...

Chavez deep fall in popularity