Thursday, November 29, 2007

He is counting with your indifference

Successfull Act of Venezuelan Opposition

Pedophilia in the increase

Studies have concluded that:

25% of adult males have "sexual feelings" for prepubescent youths.

21% of adult male feel attraction for prepubescent girls.

9% of males have sexual fantasies involving minors.

7% of males would have sex with a minor, if they could avoid detection and punishment.

(From Wikipedia)

Venezuela: Read this...

Venezuelan leader's power play has echoes of Castro

Hugo Chavez lost his political friends

"Few associates had been as loyal to the President as the governor of the coastal state of Sucre, Ramón Martinez. And few are now more determined to defeat Chavez as he campaigns for constitutional changes that, if approved by voters on Sunday, could extend his presidency for life.

Chavez, 53 and in his ninth tumultuous year in office, was until recently predicted to win a referendum that would permit him to run for 8office indefinitely, appoint governors to federal districts he would create, and control the purse strings of one of the world's major oil-producing countries.

But Martinez and a handful of others who once were prominent pillars in the Chavez machine, have defected, saying approval of 69 constitutional changes would effectively turn Venezuela into a dictatorship run at the whim of one man. They have been derided by Chavez as traitors, but their unimpeachable leftist credentials have given momentum to a movement that pollsters say may deliver Chavez his first electoral defeat.

The proposal would signify a coup d'etat," said Martinez, 58, whose dapper appearance belies his history as a guerrilla and Communist Party member. "Here the power is going to be concentrated in one person. That is very grave..."

Washington Post - Page A01

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What is the problem?

Hugo Chavez does not want relations with Colombians...


57% NO

No, no, no. No puede ser...

Hugo Chavez: From risk to threat

The Miami Herald has an article where Venezuelan President is qualified as "threat" to the USA and speaks of decisions to be made on "how to deal with him..."; since the international community is very concerned with the future of Democracy in Venezuela, Chavez should consider carefully this very wide term in the near future...

And for near I mean the next 7 days...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Venezuela: Polls give the "NO" as winner

For the first time Hugo Chavez is in the minority...


Venezuela: Violent campaign againt the church

The Chavez Government has started a violent campaign againt the Catholic Church and against catholic universities, one week before the constitutional referendum.

American spy during the Tenaza Operation

Discovered by Jesse because he insited in using his "new" Movilnet mobil phone

Monday, November 26, 2007

France denies reports of asylum to Córdoba

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied reports that France offered asylum to Colombian Senator Piedad Córdoba, who played a role as mediator, together with Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, between Colombian government and guerrilla group FARC for a humanitarian swap.

Venezuela: Middle class protests new constitution

Aragua and Carabobo are two of the regións of Venezuela most severely hit by the economic destruction of the "bolivarian revolution". 1000s of middle sized industries have closed in Aragua and Caracbobo during the last 8 years, when imports by intermediaries related to government officials have flooded the market with low cost foreign products. The same destiny waits 1000s of farmers in the west of the country...

Finished "Hello, Miss", starting "Bad Family"

Hugo Chavez is a delucional politician

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Uribe explodes

Surprisingly there is not an english version of Uribe last words on Hugo Chavez clumpsy intervention in Colombia internal military politics.

Listen Uribe in spanish:


Venezuela: long lines to get milk, sugar, oil, etc...

Chavez mediator?

mediator: (noun) Someone who acts as an intermediate agent in a transaction or helps to resolve differences.

Mediation is a voluntary request from both parties, the mediator can not impose himself on any of the parties.

The new conflict between Uribe and Chávez shows what most of us new already.

Hugo Chavez is not a guy that helps to resolve differences, on the contrary he seems to believe he can impose his mediation on Uribe.

Crazy but is true...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Venezuela: Bad symptoms

Two young boys were hijacked and tortured by a group of men, dress in black clothes and no identification, in a shopping center of Barquisimeto.

Next day, they appeared bruissed and bleeding. It is a bad symptom which shows the venezuelan situation may be taking a very similar path to that of the dictators which dominated the tip of South America in the 1970s...


Early birds

Some arrive earlier than the rest. Anibal Romero is one of them. He is not a nice person, but one very capable at what he does. He has been warning "what comes" since 1998. Personally, I remember him from Reading, a friends party, university fellows, period. As I said, he is not a candy, but he is accurate in its judgements and that is what matters.

January 19, 1999
"It seems that just as the calderist period was characterized by mediocrity and silence, the one now opening, glows by incontinence of adjectives and the prolongation of speeches. However, the fireworks whic lit the verb sometimes hide the essential. Forget the indigest excerpts of Frederick Nietzsche, Mohammed, Christ and Bolivar. The key is the vision of the world and the policy becomes apparent when, for example, the President-elect says, as in effect hizo- that with his election victory he personally owns constituent power ... "

January 19, 1999
"My conviction is that Hugo Chavez and a large group of Venezuelans are imbuídos by a" culture of despotism ', which has deep historical roots, and that continues to exert a significant influence on the way we operate in the political arena ... "

February 14th 2000
"What Venezuelan society has done is to encapsulate itself in the old certainties, turning its back from a changing world..."

Novembre 6th 2007
"There has not been a true socialist revolution in Venezuela, yet. On the other hand, however, the changes in the country’s international relations have been more radical than those in its domestic policies..."

Novembre 6th 2007
"Chávismo has until now been an experimental variant of Latin-American populism, attempting/pretending to reach beyond its limits and become a socialist-Marxist reality..."

Novembre 6th 2007
This combination of factos will lead to Venezuela suffering a profound political and socioeconomic crisis sooner rather than later, a crisis which will culminate either in a Chávez dictatorship or his downfall from power..."

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dictatorship with silk glove

According to the opinion polls the opposition is set to win in the coming referendum, but naive and disoriented electors do no want to go to cast their vote and by default will allow the chavista minority to get the authoritarian reform approved.

The Venezuelan government has convinced the more naive oppositors that it is not worth to vote because the elections results are already made or fabricated. On the other hand, the same opposition leaders said to their voters that opinion polls do not tell the truth.

Read carefully the attached table which shows a comparison between previous opinion polls versus actual polls results of December 2006 and the exactitude of the polling companies becomes very clear: They are not perfect but are able to identify the winner many month before the election. Today these same polling companies give the "NO" option as probable winner, BUT MANY OPPOSITORS DO NOT WANT TO VOTE...

Colombia: Bye, bye, Hugo

(This short communiqué from Uribe indicates patience with Chavez run out in Bogotá)

El Presidente de la República se permite informar:

1. Hoy, la senadora Piedad Córdoba llamó telefónicamente al comandante del Ejército, General Mario Montoya, le pidió una cita y, a continuación, le pasó al teléfono al Presidente Hugo Chávez de Venezuela. El Presidente Chávez le hizo al General Montoya preguntas sobre secuestrados por las Farc.

2. En la reunión de Santiago de Chile, el Presidente Uribe le había dicho al Presidente Hugo Chávez que no estaba de acuerdo con que el Presidente de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela se comunicara directamente con el Alto Mando institucional de Colombia.

3. En consecuencia, el Presidente de la República da por terminada la facilitación de la senadora Piedad Córdoba y la mediación del Presidente Hugo Chávez, a quienes agradece la ayuda que estaban prestando.

Bogotá D.C., Noviembre 21 de 2007

(We will call you, please do not call us...)

Venezuelans are free to choose


Intelectual dependency is the worst

I read that Hugo Chavez had to stop in La Habana to report his trip results to his two bosses: Fidel and Raul Castro. Aparently, he explained the results of his trip by Saudi Arabia, Iran, France and Portugal. Both guys evaluated the trip and made new cooperation plans: They put the pocket and we put the cash...

There is no worst poverty than that of the spirit...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Venezuela: Students Day

Some students from the new (chavez) universities prefered to protest the constitutional reform istead of being transported downtown to attend to the adoration of chavez...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Today I started with "Hello, Miss"

Had to stop My Girl, with same actress, for technical and copyright reasons.

Hugo Chavez "bad luck" bird hits Iran

For Venezuelan the red pava is like the black crow for some europeans who belive fortune depends on the number of birds you see. For Venezuelans one red pava is enough to bring floods, earth-quakes, forest fires, plane accidents, etc. Many countries have witnessed the effect of the red pava: Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Brasil, Peru and recently Chile...

After Chavez visit, a quake shakes southwest Iran A 5.1-magniture quake jolted the Qalehtal district, some 600 kilometers (370 miles) southwest of the capital, Tehran, at around 8:50 a.m. (05:20 GMT). State radio said the children were injured in a stampede when they rushed out of their classrooms in a local school in Qalehtal. It also said some buildings in the district were slightly damaged. Some 20 children were hurt as they tried to run out of a school building when an earthquake shook a sparsely populated and remote mountainous area of southwestern Iran on Tuesday.

The letter "C"

NO to the personalty cult

Cambodia: Extreme Communism

The NYT blogs page brings today a horrific story about the killings under the Kemerg Rouge (maoist) regime in Cambodia. They say K.R. killed any one who was educated or able to speak french or for similar reasons. The stories sound unbelivable but the journalist in Cambodia insists many times during the video that the information she has is that everything was worst than she expected it to be. The video is at:

Living from scandals

Every peak in these graphs corresponds to one an scandal of global proportions provoqued by ego-narcisist enfant terrible Hugo Chavez. From threatening with nuclear bombs to a public argument with the Spaniard King, anything is good as long it produces front pages titles. In fact, he is now competing for tabloid space with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton...

Chavez "diplomacy" or how to loose your friends

Paris "Le Monde" on Hugo Chavez:

Paris Tuesday, Nov. 20.- Lt. Hugo Chavez has been invited by Nicolas Sarkozy to take stock of his mediation in the case of the hostages in the Colombian guerrilla. The efforts of France have not borne fruit in a file, to the extent that the former Green candidate for the presidency of Colombia, Ingrid Betancourt, a dual nationality franco-colombienne.

The intervention of the Venezuelan president is welcome because so far no person and no group of countries has managed to negotiate with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) - the hostage-takers. Dopé by drug money, the movement of the extreme left has reached the degree zero of politics: weak on the military side, it is counting on its hostages to exist on the local and international scene. Mr. Chavez was given the green light by the Colombian government, which is essential to allow for a "humanitarian exchange" between the hostages and jailed guerrillas.

Activism deployed by Mr. Chavez on the international scene, Latin America in the Middle East, Russia and France, is accompanied in Venezuela of a disturbing trend towards an authoritarian regime. The erratic management of the vast resources of oil, bring into a price of a barrel close to $ 100, begins to undermine the social programs that have earned the Head of State a solid popularity. The lack of investment in the oil industry said that Caracas penalty to reach the quota set by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), which recently held its summit in Riyadh. Venezuela is reduced to selling crude oil and to import virtually everything the country needs.

The concentration of powers to the President of the Republic, the lack of dialogue with the opposition, the disqualification of the student movement, dealt with "fascist", the encouragement of armed gangs and recruiting reservists, short, militarization of political life, accompanied by unprecedented corruption. This is facilitated by the opacity of public spending and the creation of parallel budgets, which are used in a discretionary manner by the Presidency of the Republic. The links maintained by Mr. Chavez with Fidel Castro and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are not likely to dispel the uncertainty around the "socialism of the twenty-first century" advocated by the Venezuelan president.

"Populism is not a good solution to the problems there are in Latin America," said the president of the European Commission, the Portuguese Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, after a recent incident with Mr. verbal Chavez during an Ibero-American summit. Populism is a good solution nowhere.

(Translation with Google Tools)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Hugo Chavez declared in Paris

... that Colombian President Uribe "wants to talk" to terrorist Marulanda.

Five minutes later, the Colombian government said that Chavez was lying in Paris, that he was saying things Uribe never said to him or worst yet airing in public "his" version of something said to him under diplomatic secrecy…

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Friday, November 16, 2007

Handling public opinion

Experts in public opinion management are able to use one scandal to cover up other scandal ad infinitum.
The graph shows the last three scandals around Hugo Chavez in one month.

In red, the Antonini Wilson bag with the 800.000 US$. Today it has disappeared from all radars.

Green line, the Gen. Baduel alegation of constitutional fraud with the pirate constitutional reform proposal. It had great impact but now is in the way out.

Third, the blue line peak is for the King Juan Carlos "show".

The next, may be a visit to Iran or a plan to build a NUCLEAR bomb or a chinese transported Venezuelan astronaut.

You name it...

Fishing for violence

Hugo chavez got himself in a difficult situation opening many fronts at the same time: At home, inside his power group, internationally, economically, militarily etc. He knows he is at the edge and only thinks of traveling overseas to scape from real problems. He in more impopular than ever and risks lossing the reacall vote on next december...

Even in China...

Today I was surprised to find as the most read news in Beijing Peoples Daily (today and during this week) the story on King Juan Carlos and Hugo Chavez in the Summit in Santiago de Chile.

No need to repeat here that the King asked the Venezuelan president: Why you do not shutup?

Now, politicians and public figures blunders and mistakes are also global...

Now I understand North Korea

Looking at the supermarket shelves full of wishy but no sugar, milk or pasta, "The Guardian" correspondent made a gloomy prediction for Venezuela, Chavez and the so called 21 Century Socialism. In order to make things worst I read that Hugo Chavez now wants to put satellites into space and to develop "peaceful" nuclear energy.

First, the guy thinks everyone is stupid and, second, I now understand another newspaper caricature which depicts a comic character saying to other: "I will be happy if we become like Cuba, at least it is better than in North Korea..."

I do not like any of the two options but at least I now can thank Hugo Chavez that I understand better how North Korea got were it stands today...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

La Pava Roja sobrevoló a Santiago

A todas partes que va deja una estela de pleitos, inundaciones, temblores, incendios, accidentes y muerte...
Santiago de Chile no podía salir ileso y hoy sufrió un fuerte terremoto de 7,8º Richter que afectó a las ciudades de Arica y Valparaiso, en el norte de Chile.

Hasta el momento se reportan ya 2 muertos y decenas de heridos. El sismo ha duró unos 40 segundos y se sintió hasta en Bolivia.

Sin duda este es otro fenómeno provocado por la PAVA ROJA QUE CAMINA POR AMERICA LATINA...

Against Censorship

Like most bloggers, here we are against any censorship ...

Today the press remind us that the Spanish magazine "THE THURSDAY" (the same one that says in its cover that its published every Wednesday) was fined the equivalent of about $ 4.000 for publishing a cartoon of two characters who look very much like two happy Spaniard princes"making more Spaniard princes... "

No need to say that I see no insult or discredit in the image and thah I find more horrendous those which show children sleeping in the streets of Caracas, or any other large city in the world.

Good for the Spanish Monarcs. I like them a lot (specially Letizia) and whish them a long happy marriage with many little "principitos" but PLEASE leave quiet artists, scientists and journalist to FREELY do their job...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Video Gold Collection on Hugo Chavez

Look at

for the best collection of funny video on this very funny political animal...

Venezuela: Today papers

A rapid look a today news papers set the Venezuelan opinion environment in a kafkian world: A president who believes he is a king and wants to remain indefinitely in power criticizes another (the spain king) for not being elected; a government who says that "the dollar black market does not exist" but sells bonds with an implict devalution rate of more than 60%; an election body which prohibits DEBATES on the electoral issues; a DICTATOR who wants to be called DEMOCRAT; a fascist who calls fascits proven democrats like expresident Asnar and an army coup organizer who calls GOLPISTAS the students who just want debate and a fair election on the new constitution. What a kafkian Venezuela we have become...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Venezuela SI; Chavez NO

Brazil Congress will examine Venezuelan application to enter MERCOSUR. Some Deputies want Venezuela IN but do not want Hugo Chavez because of his "week democratic credentials..."; Santiago scandal with King Juan Carlos does not help either.

Congressman Paulo Maluf told Reuters that "We can not stop Venezuela, but we have reservations with Hugo Chavez because he is a candidate to dictator..."


Shut up, man

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Is USAF “Going Out of Business”?

From Air Force Magazine (Nov, 2007)

The Air Force’s attempts to fund replacement of its aged fleet by cutting personnel is failing, and if Congress and the White House don’t provide an infusion of cash soon, the service will no longer be able to win wars, Air Force Secretary Michael W. Wynne warned.

Wynne, speaking in mid-September at a Washington, D.C., think tank, declared that the service’s stay-within-its-topline bootstrap approach isn’t arresting the aging aircraft problem, and the inventory age is still rising, from 23.9 years today to what is expected to be 26.5 years by 2012. The Air Force’s older fighters aren’t up to defeating a modern air defense system or modern foreign fighters, Wynne said, and in a fight with Venezuela or Iran, such aircraft would probably be shot down.

“No fourth generation fighter would be allowed into war over Tehran or over Caracas, once they buy what the Russians are selling them,” Wynne said. He noted that as far back as Operation Allied Force in 1999, only stealthy B-2s and F-117s were actually able to overfly the murderous air defenses around Belgrade, and foreign air defense systems have improved dramatically since then.

Death Penalty: Free to choose


Yes option wins in the polls with 52%

Jose Vicente Rangel, former vice-president, said in 'Confidential' that -according to a poll conducted by NOR- the YES option will win with 52% over the 44% of the NO option.
  1. In numerical terms, that is a slim difference of 4 to 5%...
  2. Dieterich wrote that less than 60% is a defeat for Hugo Chavez...
  3. Look for "La Ruptura Chávez-Baduel", by H. Dieterich

Death penalty in Venezuela?

Those are the facts so far:

1.- People tend to forget but in the early years of this government there were accusations about the "preventive" killing of "pre-delinquents". An expression used by Gen Davila, the interior minister of that moment.

3.- Later came the hundreds of assassination by "death squads" in many states of Venezuela, including Aragua, Portuguesa, Lara, etc.

4.- In other moment there was a mentis to an information leaked in the National Assembly about a project to stablish the death penalty for "certain" crimes. If I am not mistaken the mentis came from deputy Santos Amaral.

5.- Hugo Chavez complained once in public for not being able to apply the death penalty to an army colleague who “misused” an important amount of money from an agricultural project in his state of Barinas.

6.- Thousands of men assassinated in never-investigated-police-criminals-encounters which take place very night in the poor barrios of Caracas and othe large cities. These assassinations mount to the application of an "informal" death penalty with the surprising tacit approval of the barrio residents themselves. Approval which quickly disappears, when the dead is one close relative they know was not involved in any criminal activity.

7.- The political use of death penalty was behind the April 11th killings by snipers; the shooting of Keyla and 2 adults one nigth in Altamira; Mrs. Ron also in Altamira and the horrible assassination of 3 young soldiers in the Petare-Guarenas highway, this one attributed to the opposition.

8.- Most recently, there is the quasi-order issued in public by Hugo Chavez to the three stooges "Barreto, Bernal y Carreño", during the last "great" PSUV meeting in the center of Caracas.

9.- The killing of FLAVIA last week, inside the univerity campus of LUZ.

10.- Finally, we have the slogan of "Baduel, traitor, you deserve the paredón..." which must remain every one of the 11.000 people shoot in Cuba by the communist revolution.

This is my expectation:

With all this background, it is easy for me to image now a last minute amendment" in the constitutional reform proposal, including something about extremely cruel crimes and/or damage to social assets and/or antisocial behavior and/or any other “justification”...

The Ugly Venezuela (Final)

This graph prepared with IceRocket Trends shows how popular Hugo Chavez turned after the last of his summit "funny" shows.

For example, the last peak, to the rigth hand side of the graph, is twice as big as the peak of public attention he gained with the presentation of "his"constitutional reform or when he declared the confederation cuba-venezuela.
As long as he feels rewarded, the guy will keep his clownish behaviour in diplomatic summits...

The ugly venezuelan (Part II)

I had to happen and it did. Today Hugo Chavez got front page treatment in all Spain´s newspapers. I can hardly wait for the jokes in Antena 3 and RTVD. Of all the comments, I read three which deserve to be mentioned here.

First, the defense of Chavez by the spanish Communit leader in the daily LA NUEVA ESPAÑA.

Second, the "democratic" vs "totalitarian" Socialism differentiation made by EL PAIS.

Three, a paragraph in LA VANGUARDIA calling for action "to solve the Chavez problem..."

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The ugly venezuelan

"For some reason, the people I meet in my country are not the same as the ones I knew in the United States. A mysterious change seems to come over Americans when they go to a foreign land. They isolate themselves socially. They live pretentiously. They're loud and ostentatious. Perhaps they're frightened and defensive, or maybe they're not properly trained and make mistakes out of ignorance..."

Like the carachter of the novel "The Ugly American", Hugo Chavez showed this week his real self to the other presidents and heads of state in the Santiago Iberoamerican Summit. Lets listen to the words of a chilean poet (Pedro Lastra) on the last adventure of the ugly venezuelan:

"Never has any president staged such shameful performance at a summit. Hugo Chavez has again shown his true natureto the highest dignitaries of Latin America, arousing indignation of the Spanish king and the president, and the astonishment of those leaders attending the summit in Santiago, Chile.

In his rounds of vulgarity, brutality and verbal violence, which shows his true baseness. Great was the anger of King Juan Carlos by the abuse of trust of a neighborhood bully who tried him as "brother", as if it were a summit of small delincuents...

Chavez presented the others leaders as if they were mafia or gunmen like the claque of lackeys which sustains him in power and treated the public Chilean as if it were a faithful reproduction of the marginal masses that still support him in Venezuela... "

Author: Pedro Lastra, Chilean poet

Good and bad economic policies

Chile has kept sound economic policies for many decades and has grown steadely. Colombians have not understood they have to adjust to the new economy and stagnated the last 20 years. Meanwhile, Venezuela in going straight to poverty because of protectionist, statist and now comunist economic poilicies, as shown by the bolivar/dollar rate line in the secong graph.

French socialist party at odds with Chavez

French socialist party at odds with changes to Venezuelan Constitution. The French Socialist Party thinks that the referendum on the changes to the Constitution heralded by President Hugo Chavez "disturb neutrality of the Venezuelan democracy..." and "this reform purports to give Venezuela a socialist state character," said the party in a communiqué. This initiative "is the origin of a surge of tension that carries serious citizen's divisions..." (11/9/2007).

Hugo Chavez accuses the US of orchestrating protests

As always, Chavez put guilt on some else doorstep. The problem is that in this world of global communication, every one knows where the"fascist-lenninist" putsh comes from.

For example the image here (copied from thr moderate left daily TalCual) shows one man in a gray shirt being interviewed in the government TV chanel (one of the 10 channels it controls), but the other photos show him (or some one very much like him) one hour earlier, shotting in the campus of the Central University.

In the shooting (shown only by private independent TV channels) there was 9 injured, 3 or 4 by bullets. The previous week the same type of violent groups killed a young girl student in Maracaibo and in 2 weeks of protests (according to newspapers) there has been more than 120 injured students in the whole country.

Yes Chavez is right, there is a fascist putsh in Venezuela but we all know where it comes from...

Friday, November 09, 2007

The press is telling him: Open your eyes

Newspapers "TalCual" and "Las Verdades de Miguel" said it today.
Also "Zeta" magazine. His problem, if he does not listen...

To dream costs nothing

Plinio´s Golden Trip: 25 asian cities in 123 days...

Note: Total cost: US$ 33.000. Only in air fares I would spend US$ 8.000.Daily minimum expenses of US$ 200. It means that I have to save US$ 500 per month for 5 years and would depart on JAN 10th 2013 and return to Caracas on MAY 13th of the same year.