Monday, December 31, 2007

Venezuelan Currency Change

The change takes place on January the 1st, but a survey made one week ago in a daily newspaper showed this:

Are you ready for the bank notes change?

YES: 36%

NO: 61%

(Sample: 2.683 people)


Setback for Chávez in mission to free hostages

A mission spearheaded by Hugo Chávez and Oliver Stone to free three hostages held by Marxist guerrillas in the Colombian jungle was on a knife-edge last night after the rebels failed to deliver on the promised handover. Venezuelan military helicopters bearing the Red Cross insignia sat for a third day in Villavicencio, a small town on the edge of Colombia's vast eastern jungles where the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known as Farc, holds sway. They waited in vain for the guerrillas to tell them where to fly to inside the rebel-controlled zone to pick up the hostages.Ed

Pilkington in New York, January 1, 2008 for The Guardian

Venezuelan political prisoners

(This list was published today. I can not guarantee it is exact nor complete)

1.-Agente (PM) Erasmo Bolívar, Abril 19, 2003
2.-Dtgd (PM) Luis Molina Cerrada, Abril 19, 2003
3.-C/1ro (PM)Ramon Zapata Alonso, Abril 19, 2003
4.-C/1ro (PM)Arube Perez Salazar, Abril 19, 2003
5.-S/1ro (PM)Rafael Neazoa Lopez, Abril 19, 2003
6.-Sub.Com. (PM) Marco Hurtado, Abril 19, 2003
7.-Insp. Jefe (PM)Hector Rovain, Abril 19, 2003
8.-S/May. (PM) Julio Rodríguez, Abril 19, 2003
9.-Silvio Merida Ortiz, Noviembre 6, 2003

10.-Teniente Coronel (GN) Miguel Prieto Morales, Febrero 11, 2004
11.-Raúl Díaz Peña, Febrero 25; 2004
12.-General Francisco Uson, Mayo 22, 2004 (Now in conditioned liberty)
13-Capitan Otto Gebauer, Noviembre 11, 2004 (sentenced)
14.-Juan Bautista Guevara Perez, Noviembre 20, 2004
15.-Ivan Simonovis, Noviembre 22, 2004
16.-Otoniel Jose Guevara, Noviembre 23, 2004
17.-Rolando Jesús Guevara, Noviembre 23, 2004
18.-Lazaro Forero, Diciembre 3, 2004
19.-Henry Vivas, Diciembre 3, 2004

20.-Teniente Coronel Humberto Quintero, Enero 12, 2005
21.-General Felipe Rodríguez, Febrero 6, 2005

22.-Gral Delfín Gomez Parra, Diciembre 3, 2006
23.-TSU POL. Boris Blanco, Abril 12, 2006
24.-Ivan Rouvier, Agosto 4, 2006
25.-Coronel Ricardo Alfonso Cedeño, Diciembre 3, 2006
26.-Coronel Carlos Gonzalez, Noviembre 17, 2006

27.-Eligio Cedeno, Febrero 8,2007
28.-General retirado Ramon Guillen, Marzo 7,2007
29.-Capitan Thomas Guillen Korinski, Marzo 7, 2007
30.-Jose Alejandro Nieto Nuñez, Abril 5, 2007
31.-Diana Mora Herrera, Abril 26, 2007
32.-Luis Alberto Rodríguez Villamizar, Abril 26, 2007
33.-Jose Rafael Ramirez, Abril 26, 2006
34.-Capitan retirado Carlos Guyon, Noviembre 30, 2007
35.-Coronel ® Francisco Alvarado, Noviembre 30, 2007

Mad Commander lost his powers

He announced an "amnesty" for 36 common inmates and for an undetermined number of falsely accused members of the opposition. The list includes:

1. Those drafting or signing the Carmona’s Decree.
2. Occupants of the Governor offices in Tachira and Merida.
3. Agents in acts against Rodríguez Chacín in April 2002.
4. Alleged "inciters" of a military insurrection. (?)
5. The Llaguno Bridge heroes. ¿Up or down the bridge?
6. "Violation" of the home of Iris Varela in April 2002.
7. The "violent" occupation of VTV. ¿By Jesse?
8. The “hijacking” of the PDVSA oil tankers.
9. Acts of "civil rebellion" up to the 2-D in 2007.

Wait for the official text before rejoicing...

Another defeat...

As always OTHER PERSON is to blame: The Mad Commander blamed today the Colombian government for the failure of his plan to collect in the jungle three hostages in the hands of FARC, while Bogota assured that the guerrillas never had the intention to release them.

After three days of questions about the operation of Venezuela to release the abducted Consuelo Gonzalez, Clara Rojas and her infant son Emmanuel, Colonel Narciso said that the rebel group suspended the delivery of captive by the "increase" of operations by the Colombian army.

In Sidney it is already 2008

En Sidney ya es 2008


Sunday, December 30, 2007

Venezuelans pay the bill...

The "show" is not going well.

FARC is getting more benefits than Venezuelans from the show of the hijacked colombians...


Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Southamerican Country

According to Venezuelan press reports, FARC and other narco-guerrilla groups control vast areas of Colombia and Venezuela. The new state could be called: FARCLANDIA...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto

Even for the NYT, the life of Benazir Bhutto, the child in the photo, started when his father was assessinated. For me Benazir was the President of the Oxford Student Union. It was 1977.
Unfortunatelly, peoples have the governments they deserve and two Benazir lead governments were overthrown. This fatal bomb attack was the second in three months. First time she was very lucky. Today she was not. Peace to her rests.

PHOTOS: 1) With mom; 2) A girl in Pakistan; 3) On her wedding day; 4) Before returning to Pakistán; 5) First bomb attack; and 6) Today in her funeral.


‘El Tiempo’ editorial extract

"Si de entrada hubo obvias fallas de cálculo de Uribe al nombrar a Hugo Chávez como mediador para lograr la libertad de los secuestrados, también era claro que, con la abrupta cancelación de ese papel, el mandatario venezolano no se iba a quedar quieto. La guerrilla entiende perfectamente que tiene en Chávez a un interlocutor con el que puede lograr mucho más que con el gobierno colombiano. Y a ello se añade el interés de Nicolás Sarkozy y de otras naciones en la suerte de los rehenes colombianos.

Así, después de cerrarle abruptamente la puerta, el presidente Uribe debe aceptar el creciente protagonismo de Hugo Chávez en la liberación de los rehenes. Y deberá prever, como todo indica, que la “operación humanitaria” para conseguir la libertad de Clara, Emmanuel y Consuelo puede ser apenas un primer paso. El propio Chávez insinuó que podría haber más liberaciones y que todo apunta a una “segunda etapa”. Hacia la cual el gobierno colombiano debe pensar muy bien cómo moverse..."

He is not funny anymore

The internet ratings for the December the 2nd defeat and the Spaniard King rebuke: "por que no te callas", have not been surpased by the recent Ingrid Betancourt show.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Naufragio de balseros deja 25 muertos

Al menos 25 personas habrían muerto cuando una embarcación zozobró poco después de abandonar el poblado costero de Santa Cruz del Norte, en la provincia de La Habana, en un fallido intento por llegar a Estados Unidos. Según familiares de las víctimas, las autoridades cubanas han rescatado ya 11 cadáveres en alta mar, y uno de ellos fue extraoficialmente identificado como Yosvani Vera Alvarez, de 28 años, natural de Aguada de Pasajeros, Cienfuegos.

Que bueno es el socialismo bolivariano, ¿verdad?

Why Hugo Chavez does not understand...

... he got to "U" turn NOW!!!

Today I watched a TV ad by the government publicity ministry where Hugo Chavez regime threatens the population with "building socialism" in Venezuela, disregarding his referendum defeat.
It is like some one coming to your home shouting and threatening with a revamping of the kitchen, a redesign of the garden and the demolition of the children rooms, without considering one minute the opinion of those who own and inhabit the house.

In a civilized country the threatening guy would go to jail or to a psiquiatric hospital or in some places would be "controlled" by the home owmner himself, who in an act of self defense would use "any mean availble" to protect his home and his family.

I think that, for his own good, the mad commander should consider a "U" turn as soon it is possible...

Remember, Uribe, the bag is for PIEDAD

Bible put on a pinhead-size chip

Bible on a pinhead chip
Bible put on a pinhead-size chip could be the smallest Bible ever printed. Researchers in Israel say they have succeeded in putting a version of the Bible on a chip smaller than a pinhead.

Why Hugo Chavez lost the december referendum

Just looking at Venezuelan news and photo blogs is enough to detect the causes of Hugo Chavez defeat last 2nd of December. Images and newspaper front pages speak of violence, corruption, intervention in foreign countries, totalitarian threats, eternal presidency and uncertainty about the future.

The surprise would have been that the (in)constitutional reform had been approved...





Monday, December 24, 2007

The flying (money) bag

EL MUNDO "celebrates" Hugo Chávez

... and names him "Spain Enemy of the Year"...


Tonight, lets celebrate, but do not forget...

… the prisoners, the lonely children, the lonely women.

… the jailers, who are also victims.

… the auto exiled, the persecuted inside and outside.

… the exiles for economic reasons.

… the murdered every day.

… the pensioners, who are not paid if they do not vote.

… the abstainers, vilified and defamed.

… the offended, inside and outside chavism.

… the manipulated by power.

… all the dead, those “owned” by Barreto and those who have no owner.

… the taxi drivers, motorists, the private guards, who die like dogs, every day.

… Philippo Sindoni and the father attacked with "burrundanga".

… the 20,000 PDVESOS.

… the common prisoners, most of them young and poor, who deserved a better fate.

… the student dead in strange circumstances in a car fire.

… the dead who are "lucky" to have names, as Mrs. Ron, Keyla, Flavia.

… the dead, with no name, from April 11, 12 and 13.

… and all those who have seen their future truncated for the sake of eternal power of a mad man.

… Yes, lets celebrate, but do not forget.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

One joke after the other

There is a moment for all authoritarian regimes that every thing starts to go wrong. Earlier majestic terror becomes clownish fun. For example: PPT Albornoz telling "this is not a defeat" vs the STRATEGIC DEFEAT described by Dieterich and the armed group FBL or the "brilliant" speech of Hugo Chavez in Santiago energy give away feast vs the Cuba Venezuela project to produce food with the Cuban "experience"...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

One EU from Iceland to the Kurdistan

Hugo Chavez free press

UnxxxNow his slaves want us to read a daily national paper with the "revolution" truth.

Later, it would become "the only" newspaper; but they will fail as many other government media projects.

In the cemetery of government mass media there are famous corpses like: Barreto´s "Correo del Presidente", la "Tribuna Popular" (now only in internet), "TVES" and its 1% rating, and many others, like the now forgotten Lenin´s "Pravda" or Maos´ "People Daily" and the infamous and thin "Granma" of the Castro duet in Cuba. All terrible media designed just to lie and adore the great leaders.

Take note: This new media project will fail as well...

It must be a joke

Boss of Chavez Intelligence is accused of something in the USA. Is there anything like a chavez intelligence? Hummm... I really do not believe this news...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

One IT prediction for 2008

Google & Apple will open embassies in Chavez´s Venezuela: Dictatorial Google and Apple (Microsoft?) will open diplomatic offices in Venezuela to make bussiness and support their authoritarian colleague. (From a post by Fernando Polo)

"18 vs 29" leading actress

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Comic Alí, Venezuelan style

"I will keep the socialist propaganda campaign..."


1 Vladimir Putin

2 Al Gore

3 J.K. Rowling

4 David Petraeus

5 Hu Jintao

6 Judd Apatow

7 Eduardo Arias

8 Wesley Autry

9 YouTube Snowman

10 Barry Bonds

11 Burmese Monks

12 David Chase

13 Hugo Chavez

¿Qué sabían los Mayas que yo no se?


Según el calendario maya, el mundo de odio y materialismo terminará el 21 de diciembre de 2012.

Estudiosos del tema, hablan sobre esta magna fecha. Tamara habla de los dos mensajes principales que nos ha dejado la civilización maya: uno de esperanza y el otro de cuidado. 'En el fondo, el 2012 es un cambio de conciencia . No es el fin del mundo como la gente está esperando: el fin del mundo comolo conocemos ahora y eso empezó ya, y lo estamos viviendo diariamente', sostiene Ludovica Squirru.

¿Final del juego? Apocalipsis. Fin del mundo. Final de los tiempos. Conceptos que nos son familiares. O porque nuestra abuela nos contó lo que dice el Nuevo Testamento al respecto; porque leímos algún libro de profecías; porque vemos en todos los noticieros y diarios cómo una secta rusa se atrinchera en una cueva para esperar a resguardo el fin de los tiempos, que viene con Anticristo incluido; o porque, simplemente, presenciamos, los desastres ecológicos que vienen ocurriendo a unos niveles y con una continuidad..."

Por Magela Demarco de Clarí

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hugo Chavez black days

November 11th - King Juan Carlos asks Chavez to shut up...

December 2nd - Chavez defeated in constitutional referendum...

We were the first to write on this

Lula moves into Bolivia with his friend Bachelet
Since Evo Morales is in troubles with the richer bolivian provinces and Hugo Chavez was shut up by the Spaniard King, defeated on the 2D referendum and involved by the FBI in the "extrange" case of a bag full of dollar transported to Buenos Aires by the venezuelan-american Antonini Wilson, Lula is offering with the help from Chile to invest in Bolivia millions in infrastructure and gas prodution.

It all means that LULA decided to fill the geopolitical vacuom left in Bolivia by Chavez and Castro...

Hugo Chavez: The Empire strike us

The Empire is attacking us with cases full of dollars...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Bali: Charging for greenhouse gasses

There was little to dance for in Bali. Governments arrived at the conference with a public mandate to tackle climate change. The phrase 'the world is watching' has rarely seemed so apt. The outcome was a two track process: ongoing negotiations to agree greenhouse gas reductions after the current Kyoto Protocol commitment period ends in 2012, and a 'Bali roadmap' to set a broader framework for action.

The main issue appears to be that countries like India point out that it is unfair for them to take on targets before the US, when they have annual greenhouse gas emissions of around one tonne per person compared to over twenty for the US. There are around 450 million people in India using dung or firewood as their main energy source. They are not the ones who filled the atmosphere with greenhouse gases.

My opinion is that rich living in the poor countries have to pay too, therefore payment should for all countries proportional to the number of people above a "polluting income level"; a rich maraha in India or a rich Industrialist in Shanghai pollute more than a poor family in Denmark (to name a very rich contry), therefore the only practical solution is for Kyoto type agreements to consider that income not location is the determinant factor in geenhouse generation.

That is my opinion...

Why Putin is popular and Chavez is not

Quite simple: Putin did something rare: He delivered.

"Small wonder that Russians give their support to Putin. He vowed to crack down on the excesses of the earlier era and return stability -- and a measure of dignity -- to Russian life. Ans today Russia "is a resurgent economic power, with the tenth-largest economy in the world. Eighty percent of the economy is privatized, according to the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation.

And the country is flush with oil revenue, having overtaken Saudi Arabia as the world's leading producer of oil. The ruble is convertible again, a move designed to increase confidence among foreign investors, and it is once again the currency of choice. The Putin administration has instituted a flat, transparent income tax of 13 percent that Russians are actually paying -- in stark contrast to the situation of mutual suspicion a decade ago.

Public debt is low and the stock market has taken off. Per-capita income and consumer spending are up sharply. And the middle class is growing rapidly while crime is down. Moscow was once an isolated bubble of prosperity, but as I saw on a recent business trip to 10 Russian cities, growth is now a national phenomenon. Every skyline bristled with cranes."

By Boris Jordan, Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hugo, shut up!

17 December 1830

Youtube: The real story of december the 2nd

Brazil moves its horses in Bolivia

Brazil, Bolivia and Chile signed an agreement on regional integration (It sounds to me like a "Chavez hands out of Bolivia...")

Lula affirmed that the future of each country is linked to the future of others. He added that the route will promote trade, tourism and the development of a vast region of the continent with the Pacific area, the area of greatest dynamism in the business world. The interoceanic corridor of 2,550 kilometers will unite the Brazilian port city of Santos, in the Atlantic, with Arica and Iquique in Chile's Pacific coast.

The Brazilian president is scheduled to stay in La Paz to sign with Morales several cooperation agreements and new investments by Petrobras in the exploration of oil and gas fields in Bolivia.

Venezuela 2007: Annus horribilis

VenEconomy’s last editorial of the year

To begin with, although economic growth has continued for almost four years in a row, this growth is artificial, fed by consumption that is paid for with oil money, with a terrible decline in investment and production. Everything points to a collapse of the economy in 2008, pushed by inflation, the fiscal and balance of payments deficits – masked by the misleading figures put out by the government – and, more serious yet, the unavoidable drop in PDVSA production.

On the social front, the outcome is extremely negative because, in the eyes of the government, political issues always took precedence over the well-being of the people. There has been no improvement at all in any of the social indicators: In housing, with a deficit of 1.2 million homes, the government sector only managed to build 36,680 housing units during the entire year. The decay in the public health system is so apparent that the government is no longer able to mask the reappearance of diseases that had already been eradicated, such as measles tuberculosis, or the spread of epidemic diseases such as dengue. Even more serious is the problem of insecurity that the population must cope with; the number of kidnappings and murders is so high that the figures seem to reflect a country at war.

From the political standpoint, too, 2007 has been a terrible year. On this front, Chávez’s totalitarian regime has worked very hard at doing away with free enterprise, private property and freedom of speech in Venezuela. The negative tally includes the arbitrary forcing of RCTV off the air; the fact that El Correo del Caroní is unable to print; journalists who oppose the government living in exile – Patricia Poleo, for instance – and Seniat persecution of well-known media figures such as Miguel Ángel Rodríguez from RCTV and Radio Caracas Radio, who is facing a tax audit involving Bs.270 million he allegedly owes. Not to mention the more than 40 political prisoners held on improbable charges; the belated re-opening of the trumped-up cases against Henrique Capriles Radonsky, Mónica Fernández and Enrique Mendoza, plus the police raids on the homes of well-known opposition figures such as Helen Fernández from Comando Nacional de la Resistencia and former finance minister Luis Ugüeto.

Despite all this, a light did begin to shine at the end of the tunnel on December 2: The joint endeavor by several groups bore fruit with the first electoral victory, crying out NO to the proposed communist-slanted amendment to the constitution. And, then there is the student movement, with its non-violent opposition, that may help bring back justice, freedom and peace to our country.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Venezuela: New political map in 2008?

We could finish 2008 with 15 states (solid blue + blue circles) under democratic rule, the remaining 9 minor states would still be under radical populism control. It all will depend on the democratic opposition playing its cards right...

Castro and Chavez divide Bolivia

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Careful with that hand...

Tendencies: Hugo, shut up and leave

We told that before

Thanks to Professor Salgueiro for answering today in El universal the question I left yesterday in this blog for experts to answer. His note !Ojo pelao en Navidad! just makes that and confirms my suspiction that all that propaganda on socialism by goverment officials is ILEGAL and posibly inconstitutional.

Bad Couple: Best scene so far

Friday, December 14, 2007

Damaged Motors

Inmediatly after the 2006 election, Hugo Chavez turned on the so called 5 motors of the revoltion, but they were cloesely linked to the approval of the constitutional reform just defeated and rejected by WE the people.

The fascist-leninist project is in shambles now. Motors 2, 4 and 5 are totally off while motors 1 and 3 are very, very limited by the 1999 Constitution.

Lawyers, teachers, military and economists should look carefully into the Moral and Luces program and into the 100 plus decrees which will be issued in the next few months on the basis of a rather weaken Habilitating Law.

Likewise, the application of irregular or illegal presidential decrees, like those creating a "socialist" economy or developing "socialist "cities should be forbiden by tribunals because they violate the only valid Constitution of 1999.

... and the "winner" is...

Chavez face says it all, but his "brain" does not understand yet he was defeated on the December the 2nd Referendum.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Venezuela: I saw that defeat was coming

I wrote this, in a moment of extreme lucidity, two days after the President delivered his 33 articles for the constitutional reform. Luckily it was published in the newspaper El Nacional.

My opinion (and will write no more on this topic)

So much expectation for nothing. A proposal for constitutional reform poorly written, with missing paragraphs, some located in the wrong articles dealing with issues manageable with simple decrees, unnecessary details, corny comments, rhetorical, mixtures of badly digested concepts, definitions poorly developed, Leninist soviets or councils, changes in basic constitutional concepts like that of "participatory democracy" by a so called "socialist democracy" (which would require a Constituent Assembly), the threat to occupy private property before its expropriation and due compensation is legally solved and a few more nonsense proposals, compel me to say that more than a Communist, the little great helmsman is a tremendous ignorant.

I will wait quietly for the day to vote “NO”, without much discussion with my chavists friends (I have a few). I really think the author of this text will defeat himself.

(More precision, impossible)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

The counting will go on

Like love in The Titanic, in Venezuela vote counting never finish.

Everyone has "a friend with a friend" in the computing center of some political party. There were 6 such unofficial centers working on the 2D.

Today Porfirio Pomarrosa (actually journalist, publicist, humorist, Graterolacho Santander) published confidential data in the newspaper EL NUEVO PAIS which shows the NO option exceding 60%, with Hugo Chavez proposal under 40%.

Exactly the reverse of what he said to the news agency REUTERS on referendum day.

The "real" cake of "Pomarrosa" would look like this:

Very Venezuelan

I always believed that the solution would be intelligent and peaceful. I never believed in the armed solution. April the 11th confirmed me I was right.

No Yankee invasion, no che-guevara-style-heroes; just a computer spitting numbers and a lot of people happy, many relieved even among the "defeated" ones...

By the lungs

The referendum deviated our attention from the Balli UN Meeting on Global Warming control. China has developed there an extrange theory that only rich countries should pay for it.

Meanwhile, China is the second most polluting country in the world. The photo shows Beijin this week. China should not avade its responsibility with humanity. Others trying to hide their "package" are the oil producing countries, OPEC and no OPEC. All of them.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

The last european dictator and his collegue

What can Hugo Chavez do now?

He is not short of tips...

  1. Tibisay, CNE head, clarified him twice that the NO option won.
  2. Valera, shoted and badly advised to violate the 1999 Constitution.
  3. Escarrá, the clever, suggested to follow Valera advise and he would help with the tricks.
  4. Escarrá, the dodo, is stil lost in the plains.
  5. The fat angry woman in the video in front of Miraflores shouted at him to stop nepotism.
  6. Tascón, infamous, advised him to understand that "chavismo is more than one man."
  7. Rangel, the ex, recommended to respect the people.
  8. Rangel, the general told him to be glad he still have the 1999 Constitution.
  9. Marisabel, the ex-wife, asked him to return to Democracy.
  10. THE WORLD, a Madrid daily, asked him to resign.
  11. Baduel, his pal, said to forget eternal power and accept it is nothing but a president who is going in the year 2013.
  12. Uribe, the neighbor, recommended to forget theSouth American Empire.
  13. Dieterich, the consultant, advised him to correct even the way he walks.
  14. I would humbly recommend him to start earning his salary, to work, to govern.
  15. Father Palmar begged him to return the open signal to RCTV.
  16. Father Ugalde sent him to take a vacation.
  17. Marx asked him, please, please, read me.
  18. Bolivar requested no more abuse on his name.
  19. Christ told him: Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not steal.
  20. Fidel Castro, his adoptive father, surely wiil offer him another bad advice.

What is the part of NO which Chavez does not understand?

Chavez: "We are going to a second offensive for the constitutional reform ..."

The same he proposed to the country and it was defeated in a referendum last Sunday.

It seems he has "forgotten" that its totalitarian proposal is legally dead and must wait for the next period of government, when he will no longer be the president. Easy.

Instead of conspiring against democratic institutions in Venezuela, hthe guy should deal with the work for which he is paid for, which includes inter alia:

Controlling crime and improve prisons, to put food on the shelves of supermarkets, to improv relations with our neighbors, to encourage public, private, domestic and foreign capital investment, to increase the capacity of PDVSA to produce oil, to repair old roads and build new ones, to seek a solution to traffic congestion in Caracas, to defeat drug traffickers, to expel terrorists using Venezuela as refuge, to stop the corruption that surrounds him, to improve hospitals and schools, to provide money to fund their pension approved by "his" National Assembly in the year 2005, to prepare laws priory as ordered by the 1999 Constitution and a long etcetera of things he has not done yet.

He should forget the REFORMA TANGO since Carlos Gardel is no more...

And his brother Baduel should "take minimum" and stop talking about another Constituent Assembly.

Lets work ...

"Newsweek" on Hugo Chavez "democratic" credentials

  1. "Chávez tried to overturn the results of Venezuela's recent vote but was rebuffed by the military. Most of Latin America's leaders breathed a sigh of relief earlier this week, after Venezuelan voters rejected Chavez's constitutional amendment referendum, but by midweek enough information had emerged to conclude that Chávez did, in fact, try to overturn the results..."
  2. "As reported in El Nacional, and confirmed by an intelligence source, the Venezuelan military high command virtually threatened him if he insisted on doing so...."
  3. "After a late-night phone call from Raúl Isaías Baduel... the president conceded, but with one condition; he demanded his margin of defeat be reduced to a bare minimum in official tallies, so he could save face and appear as a magnanimous democrat in the eyes of the world..."
Now it looks like my projections on vote for the 2D Referendum were right.

I projected a 57% to 43% result on the basis of traditional pollters figures posted by "unknown" people in internet . They were 4 polls with clearly decreasing support for Hugo Chavez totalitarian proposal. I even expected a coup or a CNE back room deal with the now defeated leader.

"Opinion polls, projected (by me) to December 02 the 2nd, say Hugo Chavez reform will NOT pass, unless he makes some kind of trick or abuse of power..."

Friday, December 07, 2007

Argelia Ríos

Article 345: The constitutional reform shall be declared approved if the number of affirmative votes is greater than the number of negative votes. A revised constitutional reform initiative may not be submitted during the same constitutional term of office of the National Assembly.

He can (*) not but "... if he insists on taking shortcuts that 52 percent will grow to levels that their agitation does not allow him to visualize now. A new reform proposal, spurred by" popular initiative "will increase that percentage: Many" YES " of last Sunday, like many abstainees, will join the "NO". Ignorance of the verdict of the people will raise the cost of the setback. Chavez has provided the best argument to return to say "NO" to the polling station if it is necessary. With the infinite reelection, it is not true that the people will decide to trust Chavez. The people said "NO" to the reform, and Chavez is ignoring that decisión..."

Hugo McChavez nice language

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Like the cuban manicero...

Everyone knows it, here the coupist is…

The Commander is neither a democrat nor a hero. He had a "PLAN B”, a plan that he executed BUT FAILED. That's all.

I am not going to describe it in detail, but the data which has been emerging in the press and in the Commander own speeches shows he does not have any respect for the GOLDEN RULE OF DEMOCRACY: That who has the more votes wins.

Since HE said that he would win with 60% (two weeks ago), knowing that he fell short of the magic 50% and at the same time banned publication of opinion polls; when he supplied his fake exit polls to REUTER knowing that he HAD LOST already; when he ordered to print thousands of copies of Diario VEA showing a false result of 60% SI and 40% NO (it was carried out in the afternoon and evening); when he ordered to print thousands of GACETAS OFICIALES with the "new" socialist constitution; when Bernal and Aguila 1 ordered the mobilization of 300 violent armed motor drivers (UNIDADES CIVILES MOTORIZADAS), etc.

Later he confessed that it was in his plans to occupy the state governor houses in Maracaibo, Maracay and Cumaná and withheld scrutiny and ordered "slicing" the VOTE ACTS (Up to 10%) where he has fewer votes and withheld the results of polls in some embassies or closed consulates where he knew would loose 9:1.

That was his PLAN B, a coup plan, methodically executed but defeated on the 2nd of December.

Now Chaves publicists say that: "His words to accept defeat suggests that the" statesman Chavez placed in the dilemma of fighting a few votes or to spare the country unnecessary pains, preferred to bet to history. With that gesture, with this new "by now," offered to all, supporters and opponents, the peace that surely others in his position had refused…"

This accolade is plain BULLSHIT...

But as a good soldier the Commander also has a "PLAN C". He is now performing it, clumsy and wrongly. It includes to discredit the "microscopic" victory (the poor guy in his ignorance confuses the word pyrrhic with the word small ), to defends himself by attacking with a trial for ex-governor Mendoza, disabling politically Leopoldo Lopez, prosecuting Rosales and soon we will see a trial to Baduel for "high treason" (accused of not supplying adequately the Militia or reserve), plus shares of media distractions (demanding his daughter “bad” mother, making the press look for scandals like the plane attacked by residents in a town of Bolivia or a new Antonini Wilson case) and the ridiculous threat -with no popular support whatsoever- with a “new” referenda through signature gathering in the poor neighborhoods and all the noise two nights ago in the National Assembly.

The important thing is that “we the people” withdraw 95 years from his pipedream kingdom of 100. Now the guy is a political walking dead with only 5 years to do what he can do and leave some important job done for Diosdado (or whoever) to go out to seek votes for year 2012 presidential race.

Likely the next president will comes from chavismo but he will not be any of the talibani rejected by the people on the 2nd of December.

That is the essence of this POPULAR VICTORY.

It is not small thing. It is not bullshit.

What about Chavez?

He will end looking after his dad’s cows in Sabaneta until 2000siempre...

Wednesday, December 05, 2007